Metro Manila Taxi by phone

During the height of typhoon Milenio (International name: Xangsane), many people were stranded. Many were left dripping wet along the highway waiting for the buses and jeepneys to come. Many ew forced not to report for work because of the heavy rains. So here it is, don’t fret much when you need to leave your house on a rainy day. Below is a list of Metro Manila Taxi Operators. Please note that some of these taxi lines charge an additional fee. Better to negotiate before getting inside the cab.

Nine Stars, R&E, EfE: 330-16-54
MGE: 364-82-60; 363-60-96; 366-62-14; 366-62-87
EMP: 293-59-60
Golden 536-26-50
Dollar 927-87-18; 921-23-83
Obech 589-30-27
National 833-06-48
Cruzette 896-60-59
Lady Helen 939-36-38
Lulu 896-23-60
Alkotby 432-24-06
24/7 642-35-25
Nolgaze 695-65-29
Pioneer 252-95-66
Shiro 984-14-73
Tai 772-27-15
Trends 822-93-45; 823-89-51
Xavierville 788-02-04
Basic Taxi 9001447
Avis 831-27-01

Note: Taxis in RED charges an additional fee.

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Comments (58)


  1. Vins Tan says:

    Ganun ba mag charge ang yellow taxi ng airport?

  2. Joanna Crisol says:

    Thumbs up for R&E :D
    With a plate number of UVH 350
    and a driver named “HENRY”
    The taxi is clean, is good, and most specially,
    aircon is cool unlike the other cabs na mas may hangin pa ang jeep!
    and the driver is so
    “HOSPiTABLE” & “POLiTE” bilis pa ng byahe
    from Greenhills to Quezon Ave.
    If I would be given the chance, SA KANYA AKO SASAKAY NG iSANG MiLYON :D
    KEEP iT UP!

  3. marky says:

    driver po ako ng taxi!!!
    minsan po ang driver naka depende sa pasahero!!! pls always think na tao din ang driver not a slave!! minsan po kasi may passenger na masyadong amo!!! naghahanapbuhay po ng marangal ang driver at hindi po dapat ibaba ang pagkatao!! newbie driver po ako at di ko pa kabisado ang buong streets ng mla but some passenger nagsasabi sakin nagdriver kpa ng taxi di mo pla lam ang lugar? dats why nga po nag ask ng help kung anung way para malaman heheheh kaso may ibang pasahero mayabang porket ba nagbabayad e maliit na ang tingin samin hehehehe… pero di naman po lahat yung iba lng lalo na yung mga mayaman kuno kala mo kung sino maka asta!!!! paki help niyo na lng po ang driver kung san niyo gusto dumaan for convenient transportation. tip lng po para di niyo masisi ang driver kasi fault niyo yun.. God bless all!!!!

  4. yen says:

    anyone knows the office address of Associaton of Taxi Operators in M.M and Phil Nat’l Taxi Operators Association?

    i need to go there to make an appointment with their president for a business proposal.

    will appreciated everyone’s help. thanks a bunch. GOD bless.

  5. cereza says:

    earlier i rode a different taxi, but there’s this one taxi (R&E taxi TWU 619) that suddenly cut us (swerved in front of us) without even using his signal light. because of that, our taxi was scratched on the front right bumper and the suspect taxi (R&E) had also a scratch on his left back bumper.. we let the incident go, knowing there’s nothing we can do; however, the RUDE taxi driver of R&E stopped in front of our taxi and confront our driver by harassing him (our driver) with foul words. to stop the argument, my boyfriend and i, talk to the R&E taxi driver but all we got was also verbal abuses (again by his foul words). after the heated verbal argument between the 2 drivers, the R&E taxi driver got back to his taxi and suddenly move back to our taxi/ “inatrasan kami” (almost damaging the front bumper of the taxi that we were riding) and stopping for full 5 minutes before going off and doing dirty hand-job (fuck-u sign) back at us.
    and because of this incident i called their number and took a picture of the taxi’s plate number.
    i have no complaints about the taxi company itself, because i even call their station to ask for availability of their taxi knowing that they have a very good reputation. but i would definitely want that taxi driver to be sanctioned so that he will know how to respect other people. those kind of people will be the downfall of a very good taxi company; hence i’m hoping that justice will be serve. it happened earlier around 6-7pm in ramon magsaysay blvd (near sm sta.mesa).
    i’m not telling this just for fun, because i won’t even spend time, narrating what happened if this is not important. i really hope, that rude guy will be sanctioned/ get what he deserves.

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  8. Samuels says:

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