La Iglesia de San Agustin, Manila

Posted by on March 11, 2007

I know this is not my first time to post about the San Agustin Church. And I have been itching to go back to this UNESCO World Heritage Site but my work schedule keeps me from visiting it.

This photo was taken last June 24, 2006. The photo shows the detailed artwork on the ceiling of the San Agustin Church. The ceiling looks like a detailed wood carving, right? No. Its not a carving. In fact the ceilings of San Agustin are all splashed with paintings. So realistic that they all look like wood carvings. This kind of art technique is called Trompe-l’oeil. In French, it roughly means “trick the eye”. This technique tries to depict drawings in a 3 dimensional manner.

San Agustin Church, Manila

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  1. khalel says:

    U got a very powerful and informative site here! Congrats! keep it up!

    Hush and Listen

  2. cortez says:

    ngayon ko lang po nalaman yan. lalo ko naappreciate ang san agustin church.

  3. Ma.Joan G. Solomon says:

    can you pls. send me the contact no. of san agustin office. i want to have an inquire for wedding reservation.

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