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Just as easily as they party, Filipinos find an excuse to dance – for leisure or entertainment. . .as a manifestation of worship. . .or as a social valve for relationships.? ? For this year’s Aliwan Fiesta – the annual cultural extravaganza organized by Manila Broadcasting Company and the Cultural Center of the Philippines in cooperation with the cities of Manila and Pasay – dance in its myriad forms once more takes centrestage, as interpreted in the festival context by contingents from various regions all over the country.? As early as January, the roster of entries had reached the maximum number set by the organizers – solid proof of how keenly anticipated the festival is.

Iloilo Dinagyang Festival
Iloilo City’s Dinagyang Festival contingent for the Aliwan 2008

Metro Manila will be represented by the Pakalog Festival of Pasig City, anchored on the native delicacy called the “bulig,” and? Navotas’ Pangisdaan which celebrates the city’s basic industry and the different phases of its livelihood development program.


From the Cordillera Administrative Region, Baguio City showcases its myriad blooms for which Panagbenga has become immensely popular, while highlighting the city’s feverish preparations for its forthcoming centennial celebrations.? Mountain Province, in turn, will present the Lang-ay festival of Bontoc, which emphasizes the breakdown of barriers as indigenous practice merges with modern-day traditions in unifying the entire community.


Laoag City’s Pamulinawen Festival pays tribute to the hard-working Ilokano in the context of “Panagdaklis” or fishing as livelihood.? Angadanan Isabela, in turn, will feature its Gakit festival.


Once more showcasing the artisans of Hagonoy and the Bulakeno’s mien for lyricism in its art forms is the Desposorio Festival.? As residents of Catanauan, Quezon? present the wild revelry of the Boling-Boling ? Festival, the Bicol region showcases religious fervour in the Penafrancia Voyadores and Pilgrims Festival of Naga City.


Townsfolk in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental blend dance and drama in presenting the legend of Princess Nabingka in the PintaFlores festival.? ? ? Iloilo, in turn, fields two entries – the Sa-ad Festival of Leganes, which is anchored on the miraculous deeds of St Vincent Ferrer, and the highly acclaimed Dinagyang Festival, which features the aboriginal tribes’ offering to the Infant Jesus.


This worship of the Santo Nino, which prevails in many parts of the country, likewise finds fruition in the breathtaking showcase of Midsayap, Cotabato’s Halad Festival, along with Cebu’s two-part pitch of the Sinulog, as interpreted by defending champion Lumad Basakanon, and the contingent from the municipality of Carmen.


Not to be outdone, Leyte also brings forward a double-header.? The Alikaraw festival of Hilongos showcases its equally fervent religious devotion manifested by tribesmen who also learned to co-exist with their environment, while the town of Abuyog bring life to the mystical bees of the magical fairy Opayda in the Buyogan festival.


Ecological concerns also comprise the theme of Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay’s Bakhawan Festival, which draws public attention to the role of mangroves in protecting the community’s marine resources.? ? ?


The Shariff Kabunsuan festival of Cotabato City is a grandiose portrayal of how the city was introduced to the Islamic faith.? ? From the province bearing the shariff’s name,? the town of Upi presents the Meguyaya Festival which highlights their ritual traditions in a grand celebration prior to beginning the work cycle.? Sultan Kudarat displays its opulent coronation rites in the Kang’Gelal, while Parang presents its Buklod Festival as a show of unity and peaceful coexistence among Muslims and Christians.


From the young township of Mamasapano, Maguindanao comes the eternal story of of ill-fated love and a community’s quest for peace in the Kalilintad festival.? And finally, from Lamitan, Basilan is the Lami-Lamihan, a joyous festivity showcasing the skill of their master weavers as the Yakan chieftains gather to preserve and propagate their cultural heritage.

Aliwan Fiesta is now on its sixth year, and will be held on May 1-3, with the grand culminating parade traversing Roxas Boulevard from Quirino Grandstand to the Aliw Theater at the CCP Complex.?

For the complete coverage of the 2008 Aliwan Fiesta, please go to the Aliwan Fiesta page

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Comments (33)


  1. palahubog says:

    salamat sa blog na eto at nalaman kong ILONGGO p[ala ang nagmamay ari nito. sna maging masaya ka dahil napaka unfair mo. lahat pabor sa dinagyang. condrats sa inyong lahat mga dinagyang

  2. Enrico Dee says:

    kelan ako naging unfair? pakibasa ng post sa taas kung may maamoy kang unfairness jan?

    and please take note… THIS IS MY BLOG. so i have all the right in this world what i should do with this blog.

  3. rick says:

    ric, mas mabuti siguro na ilagay mo nalang pictures ng mga festival nila dito, para wala na silag masabi.

  4. glen says:

    sali poh ang zamboanga hermosa festival.. bkit ala dyan? hmmmmmmm

  5. Enrico Dee says:

    glen, yan lang ang festivals na na include sa press release.

    there are atcually 2 other festivals nag sasabi na sasali daw sila pero wala sa press release. and according to MBC puno na daw ang slots. i dunno kung makaka sali pa…

  6. glen says:

    ganun? peo yung choreographer namin sabi na join kami.. actually we are actually practicing now.. and yung pasalamat festival ng pagadian sali din yun cla….. hmmmmmm we are hoping na ndi yan yung official entry kac we really want to compete and win again .. thnx sa info.

  7. Enrico Dee says:

    glen> nag confirm na ang Aliwan sa akin nung isang Gabi. based dun sa mga rumors na natatanggap ko.. sabi nila Kadayawan sa Davao lng ang latest adition. i checked kung ang zamboanga hermosa sasali. wala daw.

  8. glen says:

    ganun poh.. eh panu na yan we are practicing pa naman…. sana nga pede pa kami maka sali sa official entry we really want to win again and compete to others…. and may sked na nga kami if when kami alis eh and taz na ang dance namin polish nlng hehehhe….

  9. olsen says:

    wag na kayong magpraktis pa.. it’s useless lang naman eh… kahit makasali pa kayo.. hindi naman kayo nananalo kahit in the previous competitions… you also mentioned “we really want to win again…” bakit what place did u win ba for the past competitions? i don’t remember may tinawag na zamboanga sa major winners… baka consolation prize ang ibig mong sabihin… he he he… take more time to praktis… kc yung binabangga ninyo ay tribo-tribo na and that’s their legacy in their culture and heritage… kung baga eh.. manok na sila while kayo sisiw pa lang… don’t dream to much iho…

  10. glen says:

    excuse me poh, yah ndi kami kasali sa major winner.. runners up lng kami and ndi kac kami ambisyoso masyado,, we want lng naman to compete and promote our city and also to win ndi ko naman cnabi na we won the major prize eh dba? and kung sisiw lng poh kame then why did the ccp invited us to perform during the independence day celebration.. 3 group lng po ang andun… by the way from what tribe ka ba? kac the way to talk parang ang galing mo talaga what contribution u give na ba? im not here to argue or kung ano ba… nag tanong lng ako… fyi,,,and besides ndi ikaw ang kausap ko dito… pede?

  11. ben says:

    Good Luck! sa mga contingents do your best para masaya lahat!

  12. kirk says:

    excuse me..ang halad festival ay our gimik…blogs na kamo..

  13. palahubog says:

    see kahit nga keycode iloilo rin bwhahahaha

  14. Enrico Dee says:

    PALAHUBOG> baka hindi mo napapansin. random lumalabas yan. try mo kaya i refresh brower mo at baka makita mo ang cebu jan?

    these are the keycodes na ginagamit ko ngayon

    manila legazpi surigao cebu palawan iloilo kalibo batanes guimaras banaue sagada

    oh ano pa masasabi mo? na unfair na naman ako? mag isip ka nga ng mabuti. napapahiya na ang mga cebuano dahil sa ginagawa mo…

  15. m2 says:

    Aliwan was organized to promotes Philippine Festivals kaya magaling o hindi pwede sumali.

  16. pRoCoPiO says:

    helo po Enrico.. i’m a regular visitor on your site but i rarely post a comment, i just read posts and comments, but now i’ll start posting cos Aliwan Fiesta is fast approching na..hehehe this is regarding on who’s fair and unfair, for me, i think there is nothing wrong with what u do..yea u r an ilonggo, i think its natural for u to be proud of the city/place where u come from….u own this blog…u have all the authority to prioritize promoting ur festival, nobody has the right to say “ur so unfair” on YOUR blog, if others want their festival/city to be the main attraction on a certain blog, they better start making one, i’m not against anybody here, all im saying is to give Enrico his freedom and right, i’m not pro ilonggo, and i’m not pro cebuano, I speak for what i think is right,……

    and guess what…..I’m 100% CEBUANO!

    Thanks Enrico!

  17. POLIANUNO says:

    walang PAVVURULUN or ANY Contingent from CAGAYAN NORTH?! (Cagayan Valley?!)

  18. ben says:

    Wag kang magalala palahubog, basakanon naman main attraction sa libro ng aliwan ngayon. kung nakita mo lang sana ang libro, siguradong maging proud ka. i’m not a pro ilonggo either, nor a pro cebuano, but i’m 100% ilonggo! hehehe..

  19. arianne says:

    Well for me im a 100% cebuano and im proud of it! I do know that there is clamors between CEBU & ILO-ILO because for the past two years they have been the TOUGHEST CONTINGENTS in ALIWAN. But for me, we all know that they are good so its up to the judges to select on who’s the best. SINULOG & DINAGYANG has a fierce rivalry but i think it would be better if we just put up the fight in our dances and routines and not speak bad against one another. We are now living in a modern century, thus we should forget our pre-hispanic attitude such as “CRAB MENTALITY”, because we would never progress if we continue in pulling one another. FORGET the past competitions the winners have been proclaimed, lets just keep all our fingers crossed and pray for our BELOVED CONTINGENTS. May the best tribe win!


  20. pRoCoPiO says:

    ….yea all we can do now is hope the best for our festivals and also to all festivals joining…..may they enjoy Aliwan Fiesta 2008!
    just remember….each and every festival in the Philippines is unique, we should be proud of it!!! so GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!


  21. glen says:

    tanong ko lang po, meron po bang national tv na mag cocover nito? hindi po kasi ako makpunta dyan para makapanood..

  22. Enrico Dee says:

    i am not sure of any TV coverage.

    please watch out for my live blogging coverage of the event. I will blog while the contingents are performing. coverage will last until awarding at midnite.

  23. m2 says:

    eric Good day,
    Kahibalo ka sang blocking schedule sang Paghidaet subong kag buwas sa Starcity kag sa Quirino? Salamat!

  24. eric says:

    ito lng alam ko…

    Alikaraw 9AM
    Dinagyang 10AM

    Aliw Theater.

    i mighr be there. pag nakita nyo ako.. kalabitin nyo lng ako.. mabait naman ako eh


  25. mike says:

    tani makatan aw man ko noh..hehehehe..

  26. jun says:

    Enrico…damo nga salamat for special mentioning the Kabasalan’s “Bakhawan fstival” yes indeed a special concept tomake the public aware of our coastal villages which are endangered because of constant eruptioon from flooding and unending development for man’s quest of living… Concepcion Fisher Folks of Kabasalan happens well aware of its future in fishing thats why in collective effort with the assistance from municipality OF kABASALAN and provincial office of IPIL here they are the ‘Kabasalan bakahawanun’ group in their quest to get your attention for noble reason…Go, Go, Go, Kabasalan!

  27. ret says:

    yong ati atihan sa Kalibo hindi nakasali sa Aliwan?

  28. jenli says:

    hmm i so sad i cant watch the aliwan…. im so sad but very exited for those who will win especially if alikaraw festival of hilongos leyte and buyugan fastival of abuyog letye will be in top 3. im from tacloban leyte and in tacloban there is a pintados festival simmilar to aliwan, where festival also compette. abuyug got the 1st place which is the champion. and alikaraw is in the 2nd place.alikaraw also got the 3rd place in the past aliwan 2007.and abuyog is defending its title for 6 years as a champion in pintados festival. and this coming june 27-29 is pintados festival and a new fastival here in tacloban called pagsangyaw whos also simillar to aliwan invited tribes in the phillipines (parang ginaya ba yung aliwan) hehehe ang saya diba. dalawa na yung festival dito sa tacloban hehehe

  29. jenli says:

    sana may mag lagay ng mga videos in youtube. esppecialy alikaraw, buyugan, lumad, carmen, etc.. im so exited to watch them. its not just for me to whatch its fal all the people in the world who wants to see the videos of such tribes dancing wonderfuly. please lang para makilala naman ang aliwan world wide heheheh

  30. jed says:

    Congrats! lumad basakanon for the grandslam.. i’m an ilonggo by d way..

  31. pRoCoPiO says:

    salamat jeD!…congrats din sa Tribu paghidaet of dinagyang festival…. Magaling Tayong lahat!

  32. halad fest says:


    what if kaya

    you will visit halad festival in their comming festival


  33. halad fest says:


    sana mag punta ka

    dito sa Halad festival sa Midsayap

    sabay dba ang Sinulgo at Halad

    Pili ka nalang kung san ka

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