List of Taxi Service in Cebu Davao Iloilo and Bacolod

Posted by on April 9, 2008

The following is a list of Taxi service that you can call when if you need to get picked up when in Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, and Bacolod. Please note however, that I have not personally tried most of these cabs in the Visayas. The only taxi service I have tried is the San Nicolas Taxi in Bacolod City Philippines. As far as I can remember, I don’t have any bad experience with them.

Iloilo City, Philippines:

Light of Glory Taxi Sevices
(033) 3293166

GDR Taxi
Guzman St. Manduriao IloIlo City
(33) 3212200

Bacolod City, Philippines

San Nicolas Taxi Services
(34) 4343834; (34) 4342206
Tuhl Taxi (034) 4469196

Faith Taxi

Bee Gee Taxi
(034) 4461675

Cebu City, Philippines

2-A Mirasol
(32) 2536637

Maguikay, Mandaue City
(32) 345-0861

HOLIDAY TAXI (Cebu Holiday Transport Services Corporation)
North Reclamation Area
(32)345-1621 (Private Exchange Connecting All Departments)
Reclamation Road, Mandaue City
(32)345-1622; (32) 345-1623; (32) 345-3301; (32) 345-3302
C Ouano Avenue, Mandaue City
(32) 343-8571
FF Cruz, Mandaue City
(32) 346-4647

(32) 414-6449

KEN TAXI (Ken Transportation Inc)
Cebu South Road, Talisay
(32) 272-8716; (32) 272-1995

RP COROMINAS TAXI (Corominas Taxi Corporation)
391 C Padilla
(32) 261-3314

55 RR Landon
(32) 255-1319

Davao City Philippines

Holiday Taxi
F. Bangoy St.
(82) 221-1555; (82) 221-4666, (82) 221-2493, (82) 221-249

Mabuhay Taxi
(82)235-1784; (82) 234-1360 (taxi dispatch); (82) 233-0445 (other concerns)

Maligaya Taxi
Matina Aplaya
(82) 299-1111; (82) 296-1391; (82) 296-1392

Friendly Taxi

Safeway Taxi
JP Cabaguio Ave.
(82) 221-7220; (82) 221-7341; (82) 3450861

Artville Taxi
GSIS Heights
(82) 299-1986

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Comments (26)


  1. Lee says:

    Hello Eric.

    There are three taxi service providers in Bacolod offering good service, new units, and “fair” fares. I’m a satisfied client so I want to share their contact numbers for the convenience of those who need a safe and convenient way of moving around Bacolod City and nearby towns.

    Tuhl Taxi (034) 4469196

    Faith Taxi (034) 4410712

    Bee Gee Taxi (034) 4461675

  2. Lee says:

    typo.. sorry Faith taxi’s number is (034)4410702

  3. Joni says:

    We used to patronize San Nicholas too when we were still living in Bacolod. :)

  4. Francis says:

    If your looking for a car+driver service, try LJD taxi (034)4332403.

  5. mondy says:

    hi, im work for a production company. i’ll be having a shoot on julu 4,5 & 6. in shangri-la mactan. i need a service van for staff and L-300FB for thge equipment. maybe you can help me. and also a hotel near shanri-la mactan. (mura lang).
    thanks alot….

  6. aiza says:

    hi!! mondy

    i only know rent a van but it’s 2700 pesos for 8 hours po…

    Flamingo rent a car

  7. nyss says:

    Eric, there’s also a rent a car in Bacolod. Visit MECA-J Rent a Car’s website.

  8. roi manarez says:

    hi! i just need to know how to get bacolod citi from cebu citi?

    is there any bus or by boat to get bacolod citi?

    please email me



  9. ieaiaio says:

    katong airland taxi nga naae plate nambir nga GXE 267 ganiha kadlawn kai nangayo ug pakapin P100. bwekekekeke di ni maayu. kelangan to todloan ug leksyon >:)

  10. anna says:

    i would like to ask.
    about the taxi available in davao. is there such thing as ABACUS TAXI? coz’ if there really is i want to get its contact number. because right now davao city has increased in the number of taxi cars. i think its not just the maligaya taxi,holiday taxi.etc.

    tga davao ka?
    ngutana unta ko buh.kung familiar ka anang abacus taxi.?

  11. gloomy says:

    i’m from cebu. i advise tourists not to take taxis bearing the name ctc, rp corominas and other units operated by corominas.

    locals here know that drivers of the taxis listed above are magugulang and bastos.

  12. james says:


  13. Mr. Nice guy says:

    Goerge Micheal!! I love you so much!!

  14. Manarez says:

    Eric, Im looking for a long lost relative. Im ELISEO Q. MANAREZ from Olongapo City. Im tracing my roots, maybe you could help me.

  15. Richard says:

    I’m a foreigner looking for a self drive automatic transmission car to rent in Bacolod and take to Dumaguete for a few days. Email me at:

  16. jully says:

    please help me i need the telephone number of ctc taxi , please help…

  17. Siegfried Lumbab says:

    I have just left my wallet to one Spider/Airland Taxis with license plate number GXB 735. I have called in several times but I always get this response from you customer service staffs: “Dili man ma contact ang driver ani”. Please, I hope I could get my wallet back even without the money. if such wallet is turned over to the office of Spider/Airland Taxi, please contact the person which call card is in that wallet.

  18. jkroppewr says:

    no forbes taxi number?????

  19. alfie says:

    had a bad times this day with MIRACLE TAXI here in bacolod, just be carefull and be aware always. Just only ride with trusted taxi to make your vacation worth spending here.

  20. marie says:

    can somebody please give me a number of hilary taxi in bacolod city…tnx

  21. Andrew tan says:

    hi taxi operators! im andrew tan of toyota cavite. we already launched our vios base model. P584,000. u may contact me @ 09178423739 or 09497810977. thank you! hope to serve you soon.

  22. niel ryan says:

    driver ko sa maligaya taxi sa r.11 . makaabot kaya taxi nako sa bohol kay kauban nako pinsan nangita saiya father nga 7 yrs, na sila wlaa kita; unsa kaya maayo buhaton, naglibog ko. advice me;

  23. CallATaxi says:

    Thank you so much for this post. It gives us more content in our listings.

  24. ok,ra,txt,me,na,no, 09229730188.ok,

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