34 festivals confirm for the 2nd Pasigarbo sa Sugbo streetdance contest

Posted by on August 5, 2008

At least thirty four (34) festivals have signified their participation in the 2008 Pasigarbo sa Sugbo Festival of Festivals street dance competition in Mandaue City, Cebu/

Pasigarbo sa Sugbo

According to Elizabeth Francia, chief of Staff of the Office of the Cebu Provincial Governor’s Office, the Pasigarbo sa Sugbo streetdance competition will start at 1PM from the Mandaue City Plaza, in front of Mandaue City Cebu City Hall leading to the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC). The whole streetdance copetition spans 1.5 kilometers. The festival showdown at the CICC will commence at 6 in the evening.

This Cebu streetdance competition beats the other more popular Cebu Festival in terms of prize money, the Cebu Sinulog Festival. Cebu Sinulog’s top prize is pegged at half a million Pesos while the Pasigarbo sa Sugbo winner will take home 1 Million Pesos.

The towns and cities that has confirmed their participation at the streetdance contest are:

1. Barili Kaumahan Festival
2. Madridejos Isda Festival
3. Ginatilan Hinatdan Festival
4. Tuburan Tubod Festival
5. Alcoy Siloy Festival
6. Minglanilla Sugat-Kabanhawan Festival
7. Bogo City Pintos Festival
8. Toledo City Hinulawan Festival
9. Sogod Panagsugod Festival
10. Bantayan Palawod Festival
11. Argao Pitlagong Festival
12. San Fernando Sikoy-sikoy Festival
13. Dalaguete Utanon Festival
14. Tudela Cassava Festival
15. Alegria Kawayan Festival
16. Carmen Sinamay Festival
17. Mandaue City Mantawi Festival
18. Consolacion Sarok Festival
19. Oslob Sadsad Festival
20. Daanbantayan Haladaya Festival
21. Poro Tagbo Festival
22. Liloan Rosquillos Festival
23. Talisay City Halad Inasal Festival
24. Carcar City Kabkaban Festival
25. Badian Banig Festival
26. Alcantara Bahandi Festival
27. Tabuelan Ani-anihan Festival
28. Pinamungahan Pamuhuan Festival
29. Aloguinsan Kinsan Festival
30. Dumanjug Sinanggiyaw Festival
31. San Francisco Soli-soli Festival
32. Santander Tostado Festival
33. San Remegio Lapyahan Festival
34. Danao City Karansa Festival

The Pasigarbo sa Sugbo Festival of Festivals Streetdance Competition is part of the celebration of the 439th founding anniversary of the province of Cebu.

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Comments (11)


  1. arianne says:

    all system goes for pasigarbo festival. see you there!

  2. arianne says:

    Prizes for the Pasigarbo sa Sugbo Festival of Festivals.

    * Grand Prize – P 1,000,000.00
    * 2nd Prize – P 750,000.00
    * 3rd Prize – P 500,000.00
    * 4th Prize – P 300,000.00
    * 5th Prize – P200,000.00

    Street Dancing Category

    * 1st Prize- P500,000.00
    * 2nd Prize – P300,000.00
    * 3rd Prize – P200,000.00

    Best in Costume

    * P100,000.00

    Every Participating contingents

    * P100,000.00 subsidy

  3. little light says:

    i heard you are coming to cebu for the pasigarbo. hope to see you here!

  4. ganun?? says:

    bakit 30+ lang,sabi ng iba dyan..50+ ang sasali..dagdagan ang prizes..total prizes naman ang hambol..at saka flop ito..kasi beijing olympics na mamaya..pang cebu lang ito..

  5. arianne says:

    with a MILLION PESO GRAND PRIZE, there is nothing to expect but the BEST PRESENTATIONS. BEIJING OLYMPICS & PASIGARBO FESTIVAL, are 2 different events and it is INCOMPARABLE. With 34 participating contingents and guest performers like. KADAUGAN SA MACTAN FESTIVAL and many others… PASIGARBO might be a NEWBIE but it OUTBESTED some other “ESTABLISHED FESTIVALS” in terms of PARTICIPANTS & PRIZES. e.g. some FESTIVALS has been there for a long time but the GROWTH of their FESTIVAL is so SLOW. UNLIKE PASIGARBO FESTIVAL, it will be upstage the SECOND TIME AROUND and the PARTICIPANTS and PRIZES are just so OVERWHELMING, for a NEWBIE FESTIVAL like PASIGARBO SA SUGBO. So see you guys there!

    P.S. To people, WHO STILL has the pre-hispanic attitude of CRAB MENTALITY: WATCH & LEARN!

  6. sheina says:

    but in terms of choreography,pasigarbo will outbested,its all about money after all.

  7. porgeu_sie says:

    organizer of these event never think the conflict,the flare of the issue is that people around the world is craving for beijing olympics,including us,filipino,they could change the date sana..=(

  8. michael jhon says:

    sayang sinabay sa olympics,my jobs is to install medals for sport commission for 3 weeks, ara jud ako sa cebu next week.

  9. mark says:

    i really enjoyed the pasigarbo sa sugbo. it was indeed a successful one especially if your one of the dancers!!!!!!!!

  10. jofigs says:

    there are 38 official contingents competing on august 15′s 2nd Pasigarbo sa Sugbo. They could have wanted to have 40 contingents some LGU cannot make for internal fiscal problems

  11. Freshflowers4u2 says:

    Man! I was blessed enough or very fortunate enough to see the first Pasigarbo sa Sugbo in 2008 and it was the BEST! We were fortunate enough to visit my BELOVED CEBU from my BELOVED AUSTRALIA, and was fortunate enough to be there when the 1st Pasigarbo sa Sugbo was on. I WAS AMAZED!!! The colour of the costumes was magnificient; the routine dance and drama of the contestant was just AMAZING!!! I was born in Cebu, but WE were blessed enough to live in Australia. I have never seen such wonderful festival in my life!!! Pasigarbo sa Sugbo was SO GOOD, that i tooked about 5000 pictures. IT WAS AMAZING. And also was very fortunate enough to see the BEAUTIFUL FIRST LADY OF CEBU, GOVERNOR GWYN GARCIA. She is so WISE! Thank you Governor!!! In my openion not only that you are BEAUTIFUL but also very wise. I love the Pasigarbo sa Sugbo so much, that i was very lucky enough to return from my beloved country Australia and return to my beloved Cebu and see Sinulog 2009. Sinulog was THE BEST ALSO!!! The colours and beauty of Sinulog 2009 was “BREATH TAKING”. BUT! BUT! BUT! The most beautiful of all, is the FILIFINO PEOPLE!!! They are so united as ONE!!! “2 step forward, 1 step back”. VIVA PIT SENOR!!! So for us 12 million Filifino’s who are “BLESSED” enough to be living abroad, let US ALL UNITE AS ONE! By, breaking the “CYCLE OF POVERTY” in OUR BELOVED COUNTRY THE PHILIPPINES. Let’s all try and sponsor a child(s) and give that child an education. And see that child gets a university degree! Let’s all start from our Barrangay or province first, then we can extend our support to the next Barrangay. “GIVE A MAN A FISH, AND HE WILL EAT FOR THE NIGHT. SHOW THE MAN HOW TO FISH AND HE WILL EAT ALL HIS LIFE. And maybe he/she will give fish to his neighbour also. “WE CANNOT DO EVERYTHING, BUT WE CAN DO SOMETHING”! “WE CANNOT HELP ALL THE POOR! BUT WE CAN HELP SOME”. So lets start helping ONE first, then maybe TWO, then maybe THREE…GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES AND GOD BLESS THE BEAUTIFUL WORLD! WE ARE THE WORLD AND WE ARE THE CHILDREN!!! YOU AND ME ARE BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!PEACE AND I LOVE YOU ALL!!! LORD JESUS CHRIST LOVES YOU!!! AMEN!!

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