Abuhan Pochero: Cebu’s Finest Pochero Restaurant

Even before we left Manila for Cebu City, Nina and I are already craving for the Cebu Pochero. And where else to get it? Cebu’s best Pochero House: Abuhan.

Abuhan Pochero

Pochero is a Filipino dish patterned after the Spanish food Cocido. Pochero version varies from one city or island to another. The Tagalog Pochero is made of pork, plantains, cabbage, potatoes, and tomato sauce. It has a thick rich red sauce.

The Bacolod version on the other hand is somewhat similar to the Tagalog version except that, it does not contain tomato sauce and has a clear, lighter soup. The Bacolod pochero can either be done with pork or chicken. We normally use chicken when we cook at home.

The Cebu version is also different. Though different, it has also its own unique characteristics that make it delicious and a must-try. Arguably, the best Pochero in Cebu is in Abuhan. Abuhan is a restaurant that offers Filipino cuisine at F. Ramos Street Cebu City.

Abuhan Pochero

We had our taste of the famed Abuhan Pochero at the Abuhan Dos. The restaurant’s second branch which is also along the F. Ramos street, just beside the Robinsons Mall.

The Cebu Pochero is very different from the Tagalog and Bacolod Pochero that I am very familiar with. I can compare the Cebu Pochero to the Bulalo which is very common in Luzon.

The Abuhan Pochero uses beef. It has been slow cooked to perfection that its meat is literally falling off from the bone. Each serving of Pochero has large bones which contains a generous amount of marrow. The very requirement for a good Bulalo. And just like bulalo, Abuhan Pochero also contains corns. The sweetness of the corn blends well in its soup.

Aside from the classic Pochero soup, we also tried the sizzling Pochero. It’s the meat from the Pochero soup cooked in cream sauce served in hot plate. Tastes so good. But I must warn you, these satisfying delights are loaded with deadly cholesterol.

Abuhan Pochero

All in all the Abuhan experience is more than satisfying. The price is ok too. Very reasonable, I guess the bill for the three of us didn’t hit the 600 Peso mark. Not bad for a very heavy breakfast.

Abuhan Dos
176 F. Ramos Street, Cebu City (beside Robinsons Mall)
Phone : (032) 253 5774
Open 24 Hours

Abuhan Tres
i2 PIPC tower, Asiatown IT Park, Lahug, Cebu
Phone : (032) 253 1151/1881/5774
Open 24 Hours

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  1. ambilis mo naman magpost… ahaha post din ako about abuhan later siguro

  2. Francelyn Quijano says:

    Yes, Pochero talaga masarap especially in Cebu. MOstly Cebuano knows pochero the bulalo style lang they dont know pochero is style of cooking not the part of cow.

  3. Micamyx says:

    Teh, pwede tumambling pabalik ng Cebu? Saya talaga weee

  4. kat says:

    more power :) ganda ng blogs mo! i love it! :)

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