Cebu Danggit, Pusit, Dried Fish, and a whole lot more at the Tabo-an Market

Another food that is synonymous to Cebu is Danggit. Also known as rabbit fish in English, The Cebu Danggit is perfect when sun dried before frying. The dried danggit is one of Cebu’s most popular pasalubong aside from the otap, rosquillos and dried mangoes.

Taboan Market Dried Fish

And can one get the best Danggit in Cebu but in Tabo-an Market. Some locals say that there are also danggit in other markets but the Cebu Tabo-an Market has a more varied selections. From the famous Danggit, there are also other dried foodstuffs like dried posit (squids), dried shrimps, fish tocino, fish tapa, and dried fish bones, yes fish bones taste good.

And these odoriferous danggit cebu and other dried goodies aren’t just displayed at the Tabo-an Market in boxes like apples or oranges. Crates upon crates of dried fishes for you to feast upon.

Cebu Danggit

The scene is a feast for the eyes. The varied colors of the fishes is picture perfect. The red-tinted fish tocino blends well with the whitish fish bones, the ornage colored dried shimps side-by-side with the brown danggit.

I am not a big fan of Dried Danggit or any dried fish for that matter, but visiting the Tabo-an Market in Cebu was a worthwhile experience for me. I really enjoyed being there seeing all those mounds of dried fishes, while my companions are busy buying their danggit for pasalubong.

Cebu Taboan Market, Danggit

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  1. ariane says:


  2. Wow I love danggit from Cebu! When I do get the chance to go there I make sure may dala kaming danggit pauwi ng Davao.

  3. henry says:

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  4. lando says:

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  5. Jun says:

    I’m looking for danggit and pussit supplier or all sorts of fish dried products… whole sale

    please email

    Thank You

  6. Rivalie Sulit says:


    Cebu’s Suppliers of Danggit/Pusit at Wholesale or
    dealer price. Bulk order to Rizal Province.

    Kindly email the store name and contact number
    of suppliers (many suppliers if possible) to

  7. Pinay says:

    Love dried pusit! Sana makarating din yan di2 sa korea? nag-eexport po ba kyo?

  8. thirdy says:

    Im into online retail of Cebu’s famous Danggit, sourced straight from Taboan Market. Danggit is freshly packed when shipped right at your doorstep.

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