List of Philippine Holidays 2009 – Ten Long weekends

Below are the list of Philippine Holidays for 2009. These are already official (except for Eid’l Fitr), as per Presidential Proclamation 1699:

6 April – Araw ng Kagitingan instead of April 9
9 April – Holy Thursday
10 Apr – Good Friday
1 May – Labor Day
12 June -Independence Day
21 August – Ninoy Aquino Day
31 August – National Heroes’ Day
Septermber 7 – National Day of Mourning for Eraño Manalo
21 September – Eid’l Fitr Day
1 November -All Saints’ Day
2 November – All Soul’s Day
27-28 Eid’l Adha Holiday
30 November – Bonifacio Day
24 December – Christamas Eve
25 December -Christmas Day
30 December -Rizal Day
31 December – New Year’s Eve

Check the Presidential Proclamation 1699 here

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Comments (25)


  1. Ferdz says:

    Ei thanks for this list Eric! Very helpful to plan ahead.

    Happy new year!

  2. dvopilgrim says:

    This last Christmas break in the Philippines must have been a blast for salaried employees, but a bummer for the daily worker. Except for the big malls and grocery stores, the country was practically shut down from December 25, 2008 through January 4, 2009. (This stands out as another Philippine oddity: most people have lost their respect for holidays, even religious ones; malls open half-day even on Christmas Day and New Year.)

    The total official holidays for 2008 was 15 days: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, April 9 (Fall of Bataan), Labor Day (May 1), Independence Day (June 9, moved from June 12), Ninoy Aquino Day (August 21), National Heroes Day (August 25), All Saints? Day (November 1), Bonifacio Day (December 1, moved from November 30), Christmas Day, Rizal Day, plus December 26, 29, 31 and the end of Ramadan. In addition, the poor daily workers lost a few days due to typhoons and public transport strikes.

    Here?s what I propose to minimize the number of holidays and to increase productivity:

    Eliminate these holidays: EDSA Revolution Day, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Fall of Bataan, Rizal Day.

    Grounds: EDSA Revolution Day is minor compared with the Philippine Revolution of 1896. We all know that EDSA I had more negative than positive lasting effects; in fact, it set a disastrous precedent in Philippine politics. The other three holidays only accentuate the Filipino sentimental, melodramatic and defeatist culture. The death and resurrection of Christ should be celebrated together on Easter Sunday and on every Lord?s Day. And why celebrate the surrender of Bataan (and formerly of Corregidor) and the execution of the national hero?

    Combine these holidays into one day: Bonifacio Day (birthday – November 30) and Ninoy Aquino Day (birthday – November 27) should be combined into a National Heroes Day (to be celebrated on the last Monday in November).

    Grounds: Celebrate Aquino’s birthday, not his assassination day. As well, these two holidays are only a few days apart.

    Eliminate Ninoy Aquino Day on August 21 and replace it with a ?Philippine Revolution Day.?

    Grounds: Since Aquino?s birthday will be celebrated together with Bonifacio?s birthday on the last Monday in November, there is no need for another Ninoy Aquino Day. I propose instead a ?Philippine Revolution Day? on the last Monday in August to commemorate the start of the Philippine Revolution with the Cry of Pugadlawin on August 23, 1896. This holiday would inculcate something that is lacking in the Filipino consciousness: the rich heritage of the Philippine Revolution.

    Bottom line, the following is my suggested 9-day holiday schedule, assuming that Rizal Day is still celebrated, a huge improvement from the 15 holidays in 2008:

    New Year (January 1)
    Labor Day (May 1)
    Independence Day (June 12)
    Rizal Day (3rd Monday in June)
    Philippine Revolution Day (last Monday in August)
    End of Ramadan (variable)
    All Saints? Day (November 1)
    National Heroes Day (last Monday in November)
    Christmas (December 25)

    And here are a few other food for thought:

    * Why not move Independence Day to January 21, to celebrate the real inauguration of the First Philippine Republic by the First Philippine Congress in Malolos, Bulacan in 1899? We can cite as a parallel to this the Declaration of Independence by the Second Continental Congress of the United States on July 4, 1776. The Declaration of Independence read on June 12, 1898 in Kawit, Cavite, on the other hand, was written by a single individual, and signed by 98 individuals, not ratified by a congress in session.

    * I?m also for changing the national hero from Rizal to Bonifacio. Rizal may be a genius and a reformer, but he was not a leader of the Philippine Revolution. I do not know of any country in the world that has for its national hero one who was adamantly against a revolution for independence. He disowned it in a manifesto, ?From the very beginning, when I first had notice of what was being planned, I opposed it, fought it, and demonstrated its absolute impossibility.? A case could be argued that he was a traitor to his countrymen during the last days of his life, when he volunteered to serve as a doctor in the Spanish army in Cuba to avoid being implicated in the revolution. His move was in vain, because he was nevertheless implicated and arrested on his way to Cuba, taken back to Manila, and executed.

    * However, if the government insists his execution is to be ?celebrated,? it could be held on January 1, since it is very close to New Year?s Day.

    * The Balintawak Monument should be renovated to make it at least as beautiful, dignified and signified as the Rizal Monument at the Luneta Park.

    * Finally, the most dimwitted holiday of all was when the Independence Day holiday was moved to June 9, Monday, because June 12, the real day, fell on a Thursday! In the U. S., there would b

  3. ohmski says:

    link ko po ha.

  4. Eugene says:

    Reduce holidays, on the grounds that daily workers are affected? You might be interested to know that Japan actually had around 20 holidays in 2008. So reducing holidays for “productivity” sake is a red herring.

  5. Tom says:

    Sa february 23, 2009 ba kasama empleyado ng eskwelahan walang pasok?

  6. lai says:

    ello mga fwendz????????????? f holidays come I am not xcited bcoz I am so bz in our house…Hayzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

    itz mhe lai

  7. jun says:

    ellow mga friendship…..

    pwede bang ipakulong ang amo ko kung hindi n’ya kami pinagholiday ng Maundy Thursday at hindi siya marunong sumunod sa batas ng PILIPINAS dahil cia ay isang krung2?????

    busit cia!!!!!!!!

    sama-sama nten ciang ihabla………


  8. Ennaem says:

    How true na pinalitan n ang april 6 to april 8 in lieu to April 9 araw ng kagitingan? pls clarify..


  9. meanstalks says:

    I work for a Korean company based in Korea pero home based kami, kasali ba kami sa holiday? mabwebwesit ako pag di kami kasali huhuhuh

  10. kristine says:

    yung april po ba e 30% salary lang ung babayaran ng company?

  11. kristine says:

    yung april 6, po ba e 30% salary lang ung babayaran ng company?

  12. Pam Edlagan says:

    June 1 is the foundation day of Makati. Will it be declared a non-working holiday (only in Makati, of course)?

  13. Enrico Dee says:

    never in the history of makati under binay’s administration that it has declared a holiday for makati.

  14. arman says:

    how true that the June 12 independence day celebration has been moved to june 8? tnx for your reply.

  15. Leah C. Villajuan says:

    Is Independence Day, June 12 a legal holiday is moved to june 8?

  16. Payts says:

    Ask ko lng, na move po b ang aug.21 holiday sa aug.24?

  17. mayee says:

    mgging aug 24 b ang holiday instead og aug 21?

  18. piattoz says:

    aizst… Next year kea, the month of august will be modern heroes day…? Well then, they worth it… D biro ang maging huwarang ama at ina ng buong sambayanan… haizst… me ninoy at cory aquino p kea sa panahon nating ito? juz hope so…

    ???GOOD LUCK Inang bayan…???

  19. katz says:

    hmmm..ok lng ang holidays..time to rest din its part of respect din sa celebrations…ok lng to..anu b?

  20. haydee says:

    regular holiday po b ang september 21?

  21. haydee says:

    gusto lng po nming maconfirm kng regular holiday or special holiday lng ung september 21..

  22. daren says:

    legal holiday po ba yung september 21???with pay po ba yun??????

  23. Palaboy says:

    Wala bang holiday sa october? sayang naman kung wala

  24. ronald says:

    sana sa december 26,holiday na rin!!!

  25. Big Brother says:

    Ung ayaw ng long holidays eh d pumasok kayo pati sabado at linggo isali nyo na rin ang dami nyong drama!!

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