Chapel of the Angry Christ in Victorias City

When one mentions the name Victorias City, there are only two things that comes into my mind: the Asia’s largest Sugar Refinery (Victorias Milling Company) and the Chapel of the Angry Christ.

Chapel of the Angry Christ

The Church of Saint Joseph the Worker has been more known by its nickname as the Chapel of the Angry Christ. The chapel mural uses vibrant colors and striking art strokes. This gave the mural the name “Angry Christ”

The mural on the chapel’s altar depicts Jesus with flaming heart, standing on skulls and a serpent which symbolizes death.

angry christ in victorias

The large hands on Jesus’ back symbolizes God the Father who gave his son for the world to be saved.

On top is a bird, which symbolizes the Holy Spirit. All over the place are angels painted in multicolored fashion.

victorias chapel

On the left side of that altar is shown John the Evangelist together with Moses, while on the other side of the altar depicts Mary and Joseph.

It was Alfonso Ossorio who did much of the mural while Ade de Bethuene did the bapistry masterpiece.

Church of the Angry Christ

While many travel books show the marvelous mural at the altar, very few has featured another jewel of this Chapel: Its baptistry.

Probably one of the most artistic designed baptistry in the Philippines, its hall is designed with a mosaic using broken soda bottles.

Church of the Angry Christ victorias

What is interesting in this mosaic though is that it depicts Jesus being baptized as a Filipino. He was portrayed as brown with large eyes.

When the chapel was finished it stirred much controversy because during its time, no church in the country has depicted Jesus as brown-skinned. Many called it as inappropriate. The Chapel has been featured in various international publications including Life Magazine.

Angry Christ Baptistry

The Chapel of Saint Joseph the Working is a fine example that heritage doesn’t necessarily need to be old.

To visit this magnificent Chapel, from Bacolod City, ride a bus or jeepney and ask the driver to drop you at the Victorias Milling Company. Do not ride a jeepney marked with SILAY or TALISAY as this do not reach the city of Victorias. After dropping off in Victorias Milling Company, take a tricycle and askthe driver to bring you to the Saint Joseph Church, or the Angry Christ.

Victorias City is 34 kilometer north of Bacolod. PBA0944o0160

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  1. dementia says:

    Ganda naman dyan! very colorful

  2. zee says:

    I wanna visit Bacolod!

  3. ?erl? says:

    i miss that place!?

  4. melky says:

    i was there!and the expErience really got into me!!!

  5. nikko says:

    this is the place where i grow up.. i really miss you!more than ten year i never visit my hometown..wish i could go back again..

  6. Tess says:

    great shots of the angry Christ mural. Miss ko tuloy ang St. Joseph the Worker Church.

  7. Riz says:

    Great Shots! I miss my hometown. This is where I go to church every sunday :)

    Thanks for Posting this. ;]

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