Philippine Star’s The Freeman newspaper in Cebu used my blog content without permission!

Posted by on May 31, 2009

how shocking. first photos, then now content

These were the words posted by Noemi in my facebook account. It’s true. I am already used to photo stealing issues left and right but this time it’s something new and something I wasn’t expecting. Early this year, it was Panay News, now its The Freeman of Cebu/

The Freeman, a Cebu-based newspaper owned by the third largest broadsheet The Philippine Star has published an article where parts of it were actually grabbed from my old post without permission or even citing my blog as the source of information. The same article was also published in the Philippine Star Website.

In the newspaper version entitled “The quest for the perfect pasalubong” published last May 16, 2009, news writer Oliver Victor B. Amoroso wrote:

Bacolod’s cakes

Being the capital of the sugar-producing province of Negros Occidental, do you know that Bacolod still has a secret only a few know? It’s Calea’s cakes. The cake shop first opened its doors beside the L’ Fisher Hotel in Lacson Street. In no time, word spread out like wildfire. Loyal patrons immediately grew in number; thus, the need for a larger space. Calea then opened their second store at the Robinson’s Place in Mandalagan, Bacolod City. And just recently, they also opened their third branch at the East Block, along the Circumferential Road. So what’s with Calea, anyway? It’s one of a kind. No Metro Manila cake shop could ever beat the cakes of Calea. And their cakes are cheaper, too (pegged between Php50-65 per slice)! My personal favorites are the cheesecake and the lemon torte cake. So when you get a chance to visit Bacolod City, never dare miss the cakes of Calea.

Others: Piaya and Barquillos (BongBongs); Barquiron and Galletas (Sugarlandia); Napoleones (Roli’s and Pendy’s); and Half Moon (Pendy’s).

Compare it with my old post dated October 2006 here

Try to check the screencap below, just in case Philippine Star decides to take down the article. Click to see the larger version:

philippine star

You be the judge. Tama ba ang ginawa ng and Cebu’s Freeman newspaper?

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Comments (35)


  1. Mikko says:

    You deserve a credit! Pwede ka na magsulat sa newspaper.

    Anyway, they should be accountable for that. Kilalang broadsheet sila, dapat hindi nila yan ginagawa!

  2. jepoy says:

    Favorite ka talaga nila :))

  3. Tsk,tsk…another round for Byahilo. Anyway, malakas naman ang laban mo jan; obvious kaya ang copyright infringement & plagiarism.

  4. jehzlau says:

    pwede mo sila resbakan thru Adsense. Maraming Adsense ang Philstar eh. Tapos report mo sa Google na Copyright Infringement. Para magtaka sila wala silang ads tapos masisibak yung nangopya ng article. Kasi dahil sa kanya, nawalan ng Adsense income ang Philstar. hehehe :D

  5. Hannah says:

    @Jehz, pwede ka na maging web consultant at LAYWER \m/>.<\m/

    grabe naman yan biyahilo nakakahiya ang ginagawa nila…

  6. This means war! ;)

    Seriously, you should go to the local office of Freeman and demand compensation or you’ll file a law suit.

  7. peenkfrik says:

    Hey! What can we do to help?

  8. Winston says:

    tsk tsk tsk. love ka talaga ng mga newspaper. idol!!!

  9. Micamyx says:

    Na naman na naman na naman tsktsk

  10. Marco says:

    Talk about credible news!

  11. Ederic says:

    Tsk tsk, hindi tama ang mga pangyayaring ganito.

  12. oh my! you really need to contact their office .. tsk2x

  13. fjordz says:

    tsk tsk! at talagang may nag-e-exist pa palang mga broadsheet writers who do this shit thing? tsk tsk! nakakahiya sila!

  14. Writers who can’t come up with their own material should be fired. Newspapers who can’t discern who can and cannot write have no place in circulation… :p

  15. Nancy Cudis says:

    this is bad. im a newspaper writer myself and this act of plagiarism is a big no-no. other people’s words are sacred grounds that should not be stepped upon or touched unless permitted by the owner. and even if the owner permits, the writer should be responsible as to paraphrase their works rather than copy most of the words. writers should be originals, not copycats. call the attention of the paper. get a settlement. if they won’t listen, get a lawyer. and prepare yourself in the process.

  16. mica says:

    awts this is so unfair… they are media people then they are acting like this.. I think phil star is already aware of the issue since the artle lick is no longer accessible. if they wont respond to this issue i suggest to fight for your rights .

  17. Technologian says:

    proud pa naman sila sa kanilang mga awards… yun pala, coffeeandpest…. hekhekhek

  18. This might be an isolated case for The Freeman. It doesn’t mean that The Freeman as a whole do this all the time. So I think, if The Freeman got awards the newspaper deserve it.

    In numerous cases, writers did copying of other writer’s work. Desk editors don’t tolerate that but there are many cases where plagiarism slipped from the eyes and knowledge of Editors.

  19. nadele says:

    I believe this is an isolated case. I’ve been reading The Freeman for the longest time, I have my favorite set of writers, whom I religiously read for their original ideas. This is the first time I’ve heard of such issue. I know Sunstar, its competing paper, had an earlier case. and I don’t think this is the first, for any media platform, even bloggers copy from other bloggers, and other forms of media. which brings me to the next question, who monitors bloggers?

  20. Ed says:

    Grabe ah. Have this issue settled with them, but if not, lawsuit na katapat niyan. Asking for permission is easy to do and that’s what they should do in the first place. If the stolen content was published, this only means some people in the publication are not doing their job. With tools available on the web, it’s so easy to identify if an article is original or not.

    @nadele, bloggers enjoy freedom of speech just as much as the people from the traditional media do. This issue might just be an isolated case but as people who have a concrete on journalism or broadcasting, they should’ve simply asked @byahilo for permission. Probably, there are thousands of blogs out there and it will be hard to monitor each blog so no one can monitor plagiarism religiously but the pubsliher and owner of the article. Anyway, at this time, it’s easy to identify if your article or material is stolen.

  21. miong says:

    ‘The Freeman’ shouldn’t be blamed. But the writer himself shall face the illegalities consequence.

  22. iceman says:

    teka teka.. hindi naman taman yan… kaw ang nag sulat tapos iba ang makikinabang dahil mas may pangalan lang sila?! maling mali.. you deserve to have a credit.

  23. hey! you can sue them if you want. surely you will earn from them. LOL. that is plagarism, that’s to your advantage because they are a company and you are a freelance blogger.

  24. uy… hindi ata tama talaga yan… file ka ng kaso sa kanila.

  25. Vince says:

    kahit na isolated ang case, mali pa rin ang ginawa ng writer. its like saying na a person who was never late shouldn’t be punished when he got late today. the law is the law, no exemptions. professional na sya, alam nya kung ano ang ginagawa nya, sana mahiya naman sya. That writer should be fired, he gives bad rep to a good pub.

  26. Lovine says:

    If you google the author’s name, your site comes as the second result. Pretty soon I hope it’ll be the top result. Beauty of the internet (depending whose shoes you’re wearing), is that information like this lasts indefinitely.

    Now everyone will know he’s a plagiarist. Hehe :) Keep us updated on the paper’s response on the issue.

  27. Aimee says:

    shocks!!! that is so shameful!!! and to think it’s philippine star.. sheyt!! you deserve a credit here.. it’s only right you file a case against them…

  28. Lhurey says:

    ikaw ang kanilang idol..tsk tsk

  29. ryan says:

    Eric, you must be their favorite. From photos to web content. It is indeed a shame for The Freeman/Philstar. I can’t imagine there are still irresponsible writers and editors. Don’t give up this fight, I call it abuse. You’ve been abused, over and over again. I stand against plagarism.

  30. This is unacceptable. It’s a slap in the face of the mainstream media. I think you can sue them just the way GMA7 sued ABS-CBN for using the former’s footage without their permission…

  31. dakmats88 says:

    And that writer is also an employee of GMA-7 Cebu

  32. pangkOi says:

    tsk tsk tsk padaan. . .

    zzzzzZ. . .

  33. Freddy Panes says:

    wow! sue them. if this was in the states, this is something!

  34. Marie says:


  35. Toni B. says:

    Tisk, tisk, tisk….

    If you’ve told them that you had copyrighted the content and pics before they stole it, you have a right to sue them… I think..

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