It’s Tacloban City’s Sangyaw Festival 2009 today!

Posted by on June 29, 2009

Today the City of Tacloban is all set for the Sangyaw Festival 2009. This is the second time the festival has been staged since its revival last year.

Sangyaw is actually a fiesta celebrated during the 70′s during the time when Imelda Romualdez Marcos was still the First Lady of the Philippines. In fact, it was her who initiated to have this event. It was also the Romualdez’s who revived the Sangyaw last year.

Pintados Kasadyaan Sangyaw Festival 2009 036

This year’s Festival event would feature the Cebu City Sinulog Festival, Masskara Festival from Bacolod, Isabela Basilan’s Cocowayan Festival, Iloilo City Dinagyang Festival, Surigao City’s Bonok Bonok Marajaw Karajaw Festival, Santiago City’s Pattaradday Festival, Basey’s Kawayan-Banigan Festival, Legazpi’s Magayon Festival and Tacloban City’s Tribu Kabatuk.

Last year, the grand prize winner was the Tribu Kabatok of Tacloban followed by the Lumad Basakanon of Sinulog Festival. Bacolod City’s Masskara Festival performed as a guest participant only.

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Comments (10)


  1. jc says:

    are you in tacloban eric? are you covering this event?

  2. Enrico Dee says:

    hi jc,

    im not in tacloban right now.

  3. ariana says:

    enrico do u know who are the winners? i heard its surigao and they also announced there comeback for SINULOG 2010

  4. robijiz says:

    yup surigao yung nanalo…. 900,000 nga yung napanalunan nila overall….

  5. machoman says:

    Hi robijiz

    pwede pong malaman ang winners ng Pintados Kasadyaan at Sangyaw Festival?

    if you have the complete video kindly uplaod it in youtube…

    Thanks a lot..

  6. Haley says:


    Hala nag warak and festival ha tacloban kay nag araway man an mga pulitiko. An Capitolyo ira and Pintados Kasadyaan, and city government ira an Sangyaw Festival.
    Kasamok gud hini. Basin next year lima na an festival ha tacloban kay mag lalain na Provincial Board Member, City council og an mga Barangay kapitan.
    Hala sulong mga Leyteno! Sulong han kasamok!

  7. annaliza of kentucky says:

    sobra ka man liwat haley, imbes nga ig ampo nga magka urosa imo pa liwat gin dagdagan pa…. an masisiring ko la nga pagkaurosa kamo ayaw na kamo hin pag inaragway. pastilan man

  8. Samuel Peterson says:

    Very nice & informative post also the blog is very nice. Keep it up nice work.

  9. Edwin says:

    hello haiyo ngatanan,
    belated happy fiesta and pit senor of tacloban city…baga naging makulay man ang pag celebrar han kapistahan han tacloban kay duha man an na grupo ang nagpasiklaban…bagay deri man ito maupay an dungog han leyte ha iba na rehiyon han aton nasod na Pilipinas…kay baga nagkabakil daw an city office and proincial office konta nag kaurusa nala hira kay para maging engrande an parada…hinaot unta ha sunod na tuig magkaurusa na an city and provincial kay para man la guihapon ito ha aton dungog han mga Leytenos kay kon san o pa na ordinaha an Tacloban na higly urbanized city naging pataraw an la lugod han iba na mga rehiyon…hinaut unta na ha sunod na mga kapistahan magkaurusa nala at pagtampohon an ngaran han pista SANGYAW PINTADOS KASADYAAN FESTIVAL nala it ingaran kay para maging marisyo at dayuhon it aton kapistahan hit aton mahal na patron senor sto. nino de tacloban…let us unite for a more prestigious and grande fiesta celebration…we should set as a good example to the rests of the regions throughout the philippines…united we stand…for the merriment and satisfaction of the whole island LEYTE—LAND OF EVERYTHING YOU TOTALLY ENJOYS….hala pagkaurusa na kita ano mga kababayan…i set aside nala naton it aton mga pride kay para man ito hit aton kabubuwason at karisyuhan…TA AMOLA-edwin

  10. marenil says:

    dapat la nga mag kaorusa hira kay it karangalan hit usa nga nasod karangalan hit ngatanan ,diba salamat (peace na kayu mga leaders lolz)

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