Exploring the white sandy beaches of Sipaway Island in San Carlos City

Sipaway Island was originally never part of my itinerary. But a few days before I flew to Iloilo, I learned that Sipaway is only 10 minutes away from mainland San Carlos City. Ahhh… This means I can still visit the island then cover the Pintaflores Festival in the afternoon!

sipaway island 00004

So at around 8AM, I took a tricycle from the Ceres Bus terminal and told the driver to bring me to the port (pantalan).

The place is very familiar to me. This is where we docked last May coming from Toledo City during the DBP RORO Race.

ceres bus 00001
Ceres Bus Terminal

I tried to ask the tricycle drivers where’s the banca terminal for Sipaway Island. I got some confusing answers.

When banca operators asked me where am I going, I simply said in Cebuano “I’m going to Sipaway Island” they replied “Which part of the island?”

And I have no answer.

sipaway island 00008

So I asked the banca operator about the routes. he said that oftentimes, they ply the San Carlos-Dapdap route which is only 10 miutes by distance. Fare is PHP10.00.

Another route is San Carlos-Ermita but according to the banca operator the next trip would be at 1PM

And the other route is San Carlos-Whispering Palms which wil depart at 11AM.

sipaway island 00014

Whispering Palms is a private beach resort which top notch facilities and is a favorite hangout for divers and foreigners.

I would have wanted to go there but due to time constraints, I took a banca ride bound for Dapdap.

sipaway island 00015

Upon arrival, I took some photos at the port. The view of San Carlos City and the rolling hills of don Salvador Benedicto is simply amazing. From there, I then asked a tricycle driver to bring me to the nearest white sandy beach.

So off we go to an uncharted place. I do not know what its name, but the place looks promising. The only problem: its low tide. :(

sipaway island 00022

From there, I asked the driver to bring me to Ermita. It’s a 10-minute ride passing through some private residences and some palm trees and cassava plantations.

Ermita Beach is really beautiful. the place is clean. and when I went there, there was only one group of tourist enjoying the place. When I went there, dried leaved are being gathered and collected to maintain the cleanliness of the area.

Entrance fee to the beach is PHP10.00. too bad it was low tide when I get there so I wasn’t really able to enjoy my limited time in Sipaway Island.

sipaway island 00007

I swear, I will be back in Sipaway Island. I want to explore the island more. I want to go to Whispering Palms resort!

Hopefully before my next birthday, I’ll be in Sipaway Island again! :D

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  1. Richard Aspillaga says:

    Biyahilo, looks like we have the same interests. My wife and I shall be in San Carlos for the 2011 Pintaflores. We are also interested to go to Sipaway Island after the festival. What time is the last boat trip going back to San Carlos?

    By the way, our son Ace syas he knows you.

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