Bacolod Central Market

Bacolod is quite a large chartered city. And to accomodate all the needs of the Bacolodnons, the city has three large markets, namely the Bacolod Central Market in the downtown area, the Bacolod South Public Market or popularly known as the Libertad Public Market, and the Bacolod North Market or the Burgos Public Market.

Bacolod Central Market

Aside from these three large public markets, some large barangays have their own markets too locally known as talipapa.

But among the three large public markets, it is the Central Market that’s my favorite. This is I guess the cleanest among the three, and probably the most organized.

The Central Market is located right in the heart of downtown Bacolod. Just a few meters away from the city plaza, Bacolod Cathedral, City hall, and most jeepney with routes within Bacolod City pass by the Central Market area.

I like the way they organized stuffs here. In the horth wing, some handicrafts, pasalubong items, bags, and textiles are on sale. On the western side of the market are a few tailoring shops and some more textile shops. Also on this side of the market are dried fish, some preserved meats like chorizo, corned beef, tocino, etc are sold. On the south wing are some shops selling coffee beans, bakeries and other dry goods. On the eastern side are fruits and vegetables, and other businesses like barber shops, pawnshops, tailoring, and dry goods shop. The interior of the Central Market is mostly for the wet section like fish and meat and some shops selling grocery items.

Bacolod Central Market

I can still remember when I was in elementary my mom would ask me to go to the southern section of the market to buy tobacco leaves for my grandma. We have a suki for tobacco leaves there.

My dad told us before that when they were still kids, our lolo and lola used to have a stall at the Central Market selling rice. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to see it. I don’t even know its exact spot.

While I always prefer to buy fish and some grocery itms at the Bacolod Central Market, our family shops at the Libertad Public Market because of its proximity to our house. We live in the southern area of Bacolod City, near the city borders, so it is just logical for us to get our stock in Libertad. But if there is a chance to buy stuffs in Central Market, I would always do so.

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  1. Quiksilver Boardshorts says:

    Nice post!The given information is up to the mark detailing about the Central Market which is located right in the heart of downtown Bacolod famous mostly for the wet section like fish and meat and some shops selling grocery items.

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