A Day Tour in Central Iloilo’s Heritage Sites

Last week I had a free day to roam around Iloilo. But even before i arrived in the city of Love, i have already decided to tour the central area of the province.

iloilo golf and country club
Santa barbara Golf and country club

This is not the first time that i have set foot in central Iloilo. Two years ago, I explored the cemeteries and churches of the towns of Janiuay (pronounced as Ha-ni-way), Cabatuan, and Santa Barbara.

It was a fun trip. This time, I decided to skip Janiuay and instead go to another popular site in Santa Barbara which I have never visited before.

santa barbara convent
Santa Barbara Convent

Upon arrival from Manila last November 4, i immediately took a shuttle to dropped me to Ted’s La paz Batchoy along the diversion road. the place is popularly known as Stoplight since there is a traffic light at an intersection near the favorite batchoy house.

At around 7AM, Junelle and Marc arrived. We then started our adventure.

santa barbara church
Santa Barbara Church

Our first stop was the Santa Barbara golf and Country Club, which is now officially known as the Iloilo Golf and Country Club.

The golf Club in Santa Barbara, Iloilo has officially been declared as the oldest Golf Course in the Philippines.

While we were busy taking photos of the golf course, Gian of Iloilo on Foot arrived.

central iloilo 00016
Santa Barbara golf Course

From the golf Course of Santa Barbara, we then head the town church located right in front of the plaza.

The church facade is still majestic and its convent, breathtaking! I just love how the Spaniards did the design for this church. Napakaganda!

central iloilo 00030

From the convent, we made a short walk to the municipal hall then took a tricycle which led us to the gates of the Santa Barbara Cemetery. Yes, we went to a cemetery!

From the gates of the Santa Barbara cemetery, we looked for a shortcut to get to the highway for our next destination. We did find a shortcut but it means we have to pass through some tall grasses or talahiban

santa barbara cemetery

From the highway, we took a jeepney ride going to our next destination: the town of Cabatuan. Its imposing church and grand camposanto at the cemetery is awaiting us.

But there was a problem. While we were walking towards the huge church of Cabatuan, it rained. Dark clouds were all over the place. It was just so frustrating. The church is already right in front of me, but I just can’t shoot because of the rains.

cabatuan church

It was already 11AM so we decided to just take an early lunch, hoping that the rain would cease after lunch.

Lunch served is an authentic Cabatuan specialty: Tinuom. Tinuom is made using native chicken with diced potatoes, tanglad leaves, ginger, onion and tomato slices. these is then wrapped in banana leaves and cooked until tender.

central iloilo 00052

After a hearty Ilonggo lunch, rain stopped, finally! so we immediately went back to the church. I am not really satisfied with my photos. But it’s OK. At least i was able to go back to Cabatuan!

From the church, we took another tricycle ride leading to the cemetery of Cabatuan. Yup! another cemetery! you would think were crazy visiting these places. I just simply love the cemeteries in Iloilo! The gates and the camposantos or the mortuary chapels are very well preserved!

central iloilo 00088

From the cemetery of cabatuan we then took a jeep up to its terminal somewhere in Jaro. From there, I took a cab and asked the driver to bring me to the Iloilo port in Muelle Loney. I have to catch a 1:30PM ferry bound for Bacolod.

Ahh, another day of adventure. Another fun-filled day with fellow blogger friends from Iloilo. Watch out for my detailed posts about the destinations we visited!

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Comments (5)


  1. jorp says:

    when did you come here?
    anyway you went to the cemetery gali. have yu by chance saw the sprawling sotomil mansion?hehehe
    and daw wala nagawagayway ang big flag sa tubang munisipyo

  2. Enrico Dee says:

    sa diin ina? sa cabatuan? wala pa ko da kakadto…

  3. tin larida says:

    i love this part of Iloilo…Ilonggo ka man gale?? :D try going to bulabog putian national park, too…

  4. chus says:

    wow great ! I’ll be Iloilo on Saturday and really excited to visit those old churches !

  5. Marie says:

    I never been to Iloilo, Bacolod yes

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