Super Junior Super Show 2 Live in Manila Photos!

Posted by on April 11, 2010

I learned about the Super Junior Super Show 2 Manila concert around late December or I think early January. But even before that big new, I was already listening to Super since early 2009 and one of the older songs that I really liked is Haengbok.

super junior manila concert 0007

I have been a big fan of Chinese Japanese and Korean music even when I was still working at SYKES. And Super Junior has been one of my favorites! I guess they’re one of the few boybands who can really perform. The thirteen-member Korean group has been known for the vocal prowess and their exceptional talent in dancing. Athough, only 10 members of SuJu came to the Philippines together with Zhou Mi and Henry of Super Junior M. SuJuM is a subgroup whose specialty is Mandarin songs. Zhou Mi and Henry are not part of the main SuJu group. The three other members who weren’t in Manila are Hankyung who is also a member of SuJuM, Kangin and Kibum.

HanKyung (or sometimes called Han Geng) is recently terminated his contract with SMent, the company that manages Super Junior and the other Subgroups Super Junior KRY, Super Junior Happy, and Super Junior M.

super junior manila concert 0005

And at 7PM, April 10, 2010 the lights of Araneta coliseum were turned off once again as Super Junior or sometimes called SJ or SuJu invaded Manila for the last leg of the Super Show 2 Concert Series. The group has been touring around Asia for around 9 months, and I am very very happy that they have made a stop in Manila.

Super Junior became a household name in Manila via their hit single “Sorry Sorry” which is one of the group’s best songs in their third album.

super junior manila concert 0002

What I liked with the show is that it started exactly at 7PM. Unlike Filipino shows that sometime delay to as over as one hour. Another good thing with the Super Show is that, there was no front act. This means, when the lights went out, it was already Super Junior doing their stuff, much to the delight of the screaming fans, known as ELF.

super junior manila concert 0006

We flooded Araneta Coliseum wearing blue shirt! Emerald blue is the sort-of official color of the Super Junior. And a lot of us were holding Blue-colored glow sticks. Seeing thousands of fans waving the glow sticks together is a sight to behold!

The show lasted for 3 hours, almost non-stop.

It was really a dream come true for me to be in this concert. I was so teary eyed when the SuJu members first appeared on staged. I really can’t believe that The moment I have been wishing for since December has already been fulfilled.

One of my favorite moments was when the SuperJunior M (Minus Hankyung) performed on stage. They were so adorable in their Mandarin repertoire!

I was just disappointed at the Shining Star performance. Probably I was just expecting to much from them, after seeing their shining star performance in Tokyo, late last year in Youtube

Shining Star in Tokyo.

super junior manila concert 0009

Actually I have already bought my ticket a few weeks back. I have to shell out a some thousand bucks to experience Super Junior in Manila. But some very good friend from the giant network :) informed me that shell give me one more ticket. So I just gave the ticket I bought to a friend, and used the ticket which was given to me. Madaming madaming salamat po!

Now I can sleep soundly and fulfilled. Wala na akong mahihiling pa. Masayang masaya na talaga ako :)

super junior manila concert 0010

By the way, my laptop’s name is Kim Heechul. My fone’s bluetooth name is Kim Ryeowook. My MP3 player is Lee Donghae. They are just some of the members of Super Junior. Now you know how die hard fan I am. :)

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Comments (30)


  1. Alex Dizon says:

    I envy you!!! Waaaaah!

  2. Joyson Baloy says:

    I planned to watch also but my sched won’t allow me. Good for you though! Next time for me,, maybe…


  3. teresa says:

    may i know what is your pet’s name, hehe

  4. Honestly this is the first time I’ve heard of them and I’m really surprised at how popular they are here.

  5. xtah says:


  6. rem says:

    your really a fanatic ha! I hope I am present during the concert.

  7. Dpenz says:

    I love Ryeowook so much and i am a fan of him…love your photos too…Your lucky that you were able to watch the concert…I like to but were too far in manila..hehehehe..^_^..

  8. cherryl says:

    Hi, I wasn’t able to watch the concert…sobrang nakakahinayang. I thought magpeperform sila sa ASAP so I stayed up until the show finished, pumasok tuloy ako ng walang tulog. hayz…

  9. Enrico Dee says:

    im also a ryeowook fan!

    cheryl, asap was never part of the itinerary, since suju is set to depart mnl for incheon around 1pm yesterday.

  10. Sophia M. Cabantog says:

    Thanks for posting pics and this blog, I also like that group but I am very busy at the moment so I did not have the chance to go to their concert.

  11. Kasai says:

    Buti you made a post about them, atleast ngaun may alam n ako tungkol sa kanila

  12. Mylene M. Calleja says:

    Wow!! traveled beautiful places plus concerts of superstars, what more can you ask for, I really envy you!!!By the way, you’ve been doing such a great job so blessings came pouring to you, your such a big help for travellers and people like me who wants to know some details of beautiful places, descriptions would be enough for us. It’s like we’ve been to such great places.

  13. Enrico Dee says:

    thanks for the kinds words mylene. Bless you!

  14. Gerlie Rivera says:

    I so wanted to be at that concert! Thanks for the pics. I recently became a fan of SuJu because of the very catchy Sorry, sorry. Listening to their 3rd album, the best song in there by far is Angela. Sing it with me: Your my angel, whisper softly… haha

  15. Ma. Bernadette Villarin says:

    haven’t heard of them yet.. but I guess they’re really that gorgeous huh?^_^

  16. Ella B. says:

    If only I wasn’t saving for a planned trip later this year, I would have been able to shell enough money to buy concert tix.. haaayyyy…

  17. willy says:

    sila ba yung dinumog ng fans sa airport?

  18. Enrico Dee says:

    yup sila yun ahahaha

  19. che says:

    i know the feeling. till now i’m on a high.
    i miss the boys and i’m preparing already for ss3! :D

  20. Joan Macawili says:

    Wow, so lucky of you to have a friend that will give you concert tickets. :)

  21. melandriaromero says:

    wow, so wow. nakakaingit naman talaga.

  22. lizet says:

    i’m also fan of super junior.

  23. cora says:

    ang dami n naming naiinggit sa yo, thanks for sharing all your blessings….

  24. Orangewink says:

    im not a fan though but i know them since then. i mean, sikat sila sa school namin eh. I want to use those blue sticks though!

  25. john michell says:

    the performers are so energetic

  26. nami says:

    allowed po cameras sa loob ng araneta? pupunta po kasi kami sa ukiss concert gusto ko po sana magdala ng cam

  27. qtie_aura says:

    i was there at the concert and im very fortunate to be seated at the svip seated.the experience was unbelievable!!the boys are so talented & they really know how to please the crowd..uhm,one correction though..suju’s official color is pearl sapphire blue..

  28. Mikee says:

    Mag-iipon na ako for SS3!
    Armed and ready for battle :)
    may glowstick na ako :)
    what happened ba sa SS2 na Shining star?

  29. Enrico Dee says:

    i find the shining start performance very lackluster. after seeing the tokyo performance. nag expect ako na ganun kaganda ang pagkanta, pero hindi eh…

  30. trishia says:

    hi! :) What was your ticket/seat during the concert? I’m watching them this Feb. It’s my first time so I don’t know if I have good seats or what. (I got Upper A, btw). :D

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