Long Beach, San Vicente Palawan: The longest beach in the Philippines?

Posted by on April 13, 2010

Last month, I flew from Manila to the paradise El Nido in Palawan Philippines. But even before I landed in Lio airport, I discovered something that has really caught my attention: The Long Beach in San Vicente, Palawan!

san vicente palawan
Paradise Found!

The thought of seeing a beach THAT long has made so much impact on me. It was my first time to actually see a white sandy beach as long as that! I was so sure that the 4-kilometer white sandy beach of Boracay is So what I did was talk to the locals when I arrived in El Nido and asked then where this place with very long stretch of white sand is located. I showed to them the photos I took using my camera and all of them answered San Vicente.

el nido palawan 00023

So while I was in El Nido, I tried to Google for more information about this place. It looks like the place I spotted is known to be the Long Beach in the town of San Vicente.

Although unverified, it is said to be the longest beach in the Philippines at 14 kilometers long! Whoa, 14 kilometers loooooooooong! I would definitely love to be in this place! The long beach is located in New Agutaya San Vicente Palawan Philippines.

san vicente palawan

Another interesting item to note is that another beach destination of Palawan, Port Barton is also located in the town of San Vicente. I would expect that in the next 5 to 10 years, tourist traffic to this area would balloon as the San Vicente Airport is scheduled to be opened soon.

And while this area will soon become the next target of tourists, I just hope that developments will not destroy the natural beauty of the area.

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Comments (25)


  1. This is so beautiful.

  2. kayth says:

    Wow ang ganda naman. it surely attract tourist and locals pero sana huwag macompensate yung ganda ng lugar sa development chuvaness in the sake of attracting more tourist.

  3. willy says:

    wow!!! very beautiful philippines

  4. Joyson says:

    Personally, I think Palawan is the most beautiful spot in the Philippines. Aside from it’s physical beauty, pinaka safe pa sa mga natural calamities. Hmmm.. Palawan’s really a paradise =)

  5. tin says:

    Wow! That’s really nice! Never knew about that place in Palawan. Thanks for sharing.

  6. czaroma says:

    wow this is what paradise is all about!

  7. Joan Macawili says:

    Ang ganddddaaa… hehe.. gusto ko pumunta din palawan…

  8. mee-i says:

    sana minsan makarating din ako ng palawan at makita ko ng personal itong lugar na nasa litrato mo byahilo!

  9. Richard says:

    trivia a. now i know. hehe

  10. joyce says:


  11. Linda says:

    Wow! Such an exquisite and pristine beach. Would love to visit it some time. I haven’t been to Palawan before only to Cebu and Boracay.

  12. melandriaromero says:

    marvelous indeed. breathtaking view.

  13. Ella B. says:

    Even after opening the San Vicente airport, they should already file an application for that long stretch of beach to be protected. It’s such a shame to lose such awesome beauty to commercialization.

  14. lizet says:

    now i know that the longest beach in the philippines can be found in San Vicente Palawan

  15. Mylene M. Calleja says:

    very informative post, sana nga di masira ang natural beauty pag dinidevelop ang ganyang kagandang lugar.

  16. cora says:

    kundi dahil kay byahilo, hindi natin mkikita ang magagandang lugar dito sa pilipinas.sana next time isama n nya tayong lahat, hehe,

  17. Orangewink says:

    kahilo, ang ganda! sana nga naman di masira ng teknolohiya o kaya ng modernisasyon. ganda talaga, super blessed.

  18. emj says:

    na curious ako dito. even searched for it on google earth.

  19. john michell says:

    this area will be the next target of tourists, sana lang hindi masira ang natural beauty nya.

  20. Fredo says:

    I know san vicente quite well.. I live there.. and sometimes jog on that 14km long white beach.. you can jog your heart out on that place.. the long beach is all yours to run, walk, or play.. you just have to be there and enjoy. Portions of those beaches are already bought by local and foreign investors alike for comm’l resort dev’t. all they are waiting is the newly constructed 2.2km Airport to be operationalize which is already 80% complete and will open for business next year or 2011. I also happen to have some beach areas for Sale along this long beach and the less expensive white beaches near but not in the long beach.. if someone is interested to buy and own a piece of san vicente, you can email me at fbo219@hotmail.com or call at 09205896898.. see u.

  21. rose says:

    wow! ganda naman.. i wish i can visit this paradise!

  22. ztinv says:

    Definitely, this is not San Vicente. This is somewhere else. There is no point of land like that in San Vicente. The neck line of elongated island is the town center.
    There is no town center in this picture and the airport is right next to the town. There is no town and airport in the picture so you have to check your picture. The beach is longer than this, it is 14 kilometers beach plus the south part going to Port Barton and the north part going to Binga. If put together you will be looking at 50 kilometers of beach in San Vicente.

  23. raymac says:

    From Wikimapia info, this is Sitio Calitang, Bucana, El Nido…

  24. Mark says:

    If you are flying from Manila to El Nido, your plane wouldn’t pass by San Vicente. It is further south of El Nido town.

  25. yatenanen says:

    i agree with ztinv. im from new agutaya myself. all the shoreline of that 14km is already owned by corporations, rich people, foreigners or filthy politicians except our part of that beach. aside from us there are only 2 more beaches that belong to original native owners. all those beaches are taken from them on either unjust manner, threath or by deception of the politicians themselves and their dirty family. painful truth. thats what we pay for tourism. and injustice is the result of which. the construction on the airport is the same story as well. and our property is on the brink of being usurped. believe me when i say that our land is a beautiful place

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