Yap Sandiego House, Cebu City

Posted by on April 19, 2010

When we did a Cebu heritage tour last month, one of the houses that we got to visit is the Yap Sandiego House. I have been to Cebu for so many times, but this is my first time to actually set foot in this ancestral house.

yap sandiego ancestral house

The house which was built in the Pari-an district was built using the bahay na bato model. The was was built around late 18th century by the couple Juan Yap and Maria Florido.

The Pari-an district in Cebu is known to be the center of Chinese population in the City.

yap sandiego house

The Yap couple bore three children, Maria, Eleuterio, and Consolacion. Later on, the eldest child Maria was married to Don Mariano Sandiego who was a Cabeza de Barangay of the Pari-an District during the 1880’s.

ancestral house

Currently, the house has been converted into a museum for everyone to get a glimpse of how the Yap and Sandiego lived during its time. Priceless porcelains, glass and other materials are on display. The flooring is an original hardwood.and its roof is made of clay tiles.

cebu old house

The house is said to be the oldest house in the Philippines.

The Yap Sandiego Ancestral House is located along Lopez Jaena Street, Cebu City. It just just a few meters away from another heritage house, the Casa Gorordo.

sandiego house

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Comments (20)


  1. The house looks creepy from the outside but I love the dining table and chairs.

  2. kayth says:

    I love old houses and their big windows, knitted curtains and pasimano ,ang preskong tingnan.

  3. The house does indeed look creepy, it does not look anything like something that contains antiques like that. The saying “Don’t judge the book by its cover.” is true in this case.

  4. They dont sell those furniture right?

  5. Mylene M. Calleja says:

    I am a Batangueno and there were so many old houses in Taal Batangas, but I admire on how they preserve this Yap-Sandiego ancestral house, the natural beauty is still there.

  6. don says:

    i wanna visit this ancestral home of yap-sandiego soon!

  7. joyson says:

    To tell you frankly, if I’ll see the house as I pass by the street, I’ll think it’s haunted! haha.

    But really, nice furniture, cool museum!

  8. teresa says:

    ang ganda sa loob, hindi halatang luma na.

  9. Toni B. says:

    Nice place… real nice…

    So, I was bloghopping the other day when I found this website

  10. cora says:

    wow!!! buti ka pa nakita mo n ang oldest house in the philippines.

  11. Orangewink says:

    is this the oldest house in the philippines? wow, i like to visit it.

  12. emj says:

    may entrance ba dito?

  13. Joan Macawili says:

    Wow, oldest house and still standing.

  14. willy says:

    ang tibay ng house na toh. sana tumagal pa sya para maabutan ng next generation.

  15. john michell says:

    i like their porcelains.

  16. rudy says:

    atleast kahit sa picture lang nakita ko n rin ang oldest house in the philippines

  17. rose says:

    great! buti na preserve..very antique and lots of memories on each piece.

  18. lizet says:

    yung loob ng house di obvious na ito yung oldest house in the philippines.

  19. mienard says:

    hi! we will be having a museum tour this coming september 20-23, 2010. We are a group of 45 students from Cagayan de Oro. Pls let us know if you’re open on the 20th or 21st of September and how much is the entrance fee? thank you.

  20. Frederick says:

    I just read your post. I’m a pure Cebuano and I heard there are lots of ancestral places to visit here in Cebu. Actually I haven’t tried visiting one. Is Yap Sandiego House open for the public?

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