Isla Jardin del Mar, Gumasa Sarangani

Posted by on July 23, 2010

Isla Jardin del Mar Beach Resort. This is where Sinjin and I were supposed to go in Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani Province.

Right after we had our unfortunate experience, we continued our journey to Isla Jardin del Mar.

gumasa beach

Upon arrival at the resort, I immediately ordered a bottle of water and Coke Zero. Haggard. Na dehydrate yata ako sa non-sstop motocross namin!

It was high tide when we arrived and the waves were a bit rough. I just took some photos of the beach and the cottages freshen up a bit, bot some more water and finally decided to leave the place.

Isla Jardin is nice. It’s new. There’s an eatery near the beach and the cottages are large enough for barkada outings.

Isla Jardin del Mar

I am just disappointed at the quality of the sand. It’s not too white and it’s not even very fine. But Avel told me that there are other resorts in Gumasa that has an even more whiter and finer sand. And the road leading to Isla Jardin del Mar is still rough road. Oh well, probably I just set my expectations well too high. But it’s not really that bad though. Probably, stressed out lang ako after the road hishap we had earlier. And If we’re not really rushing, I could have enjoyed the place a bit more

Isla Jardin del Mar, gumasa glan sarang

Some parts of the Gumasa highway is also under construction. I just hope that in the near future this improvement will bring more tourists to the area.

Isla Jardin del Mar

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Comments (5)


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  2. bariles says:

    Don’t you worry!

    Once you are back here for the Kalilangan Festival 2011, I promise to take you to the other white sand beaches of Gumasa, Glan.

    And hopefully, you won’t take the habal-habal anymore…Hehe!

    Thanks for this post Eric! :)

  3. rod says:

    wrong side of glan, hype lang ang isla jardi except for the corals.
    you should have visited rosal instead, where the main beach is

  4. Enrico Dee says:

    that habal habal experience will never be forgotten! LOL

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