Fresh Tuna in GenSan at Pacific Seas Seafood Store

General Santos City has always been known as the Tuna Capital of the Philippines. So it is not a surprise to see airline passengers flying back to Manila with boxes of frozen tuna as pasalubong.

pacific seas tuna  0005

But where to get the best tuna in GenSan is a tricky question if you do not know the ins and outs of this fishy industry. I am just to blessed because Orman and Avel brought me to Pacific Seas. There are several tuna shops along the National highway, but Avel pointed out that Pacific Seas is one of the best tuna brands available.

When we went there, their tuna panga (jaws) were pegged at PHP100 only! Ang mura di ba! Among the fast selling products available are the Tuna Panga, Tuna belly, tuna buntot (tail), Salmon steak, Tuna Sashimi, Salmon sashimi, cream dory fillet.

tuna panga
Tuna panga

Pacific Seas products are guaranteed fresh as products are all vacuum-packed and blast frozen to maintain its quality. Because of this, you may now buy tuna products and bring them to Manila. In fact, I went home with almost 8 kilos of assorted tuna products.

Aside from the freshly cut tuna part, other tuna by-products are also available at Pacific Seas like Tuna tocina, tapa, longganisa, and embutido.

tuna tocino

I bought several packs of tocino, embutido, tapa, and longganisa and I love it! It’s healtier than the traditional preserved meat. And the tuna slices i bought were just perfect! The salmon sashimi has a melt-in-your-mouth texture. The tuna belly is very tender. I just marinated with with some salt pepper and calamansi then grilled it. voila!

The tuna buntot is perfect for sinigang. The tuna panga I bought will be grilled (ihaw) tomorrow.

salmon steak

Pacific Seas is available at the E. Fauni Bldg. National Highway and at the GSC Heights Aparente Street City Heights in General Santos City. It is also available at the YBL Complex Gensan Drive in Koronadal City and McArthur highway Davao City.

pacific seas tuna  sashimi

Aside from freshly cut tuna, you my also order whole tuna for your sashimi party! For orders, please call (082) 297 2909 or (083) 301 5678

For Cebu and Manila customers, they can ship tuna and other seafoods by air daily.

pacific seas tuna  0002

Enjoy the freshest Tuna only in Gensan! the Philippines number one low cost carrier Cebu Pacific Air flies to General Santos daily from Manila and Cebu. It’s time Every Juan must visit the Tuna Capital of the Philippines! For bookings, log in to

Many thanks to Cebu Pacific for providing the complimentary tickets to General Santos City!

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  1. [...] and the rest is tuna sashimi. Luveeet! Ang sarap talaga ng fresh tuna lalo na pag galing sa Pacific Seas! there were fun games and surprises for the Sox Bloggers. Grabe ang saya [...]

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