Alcala Church and Yummy Candies!

During our vacation in Cagayan Valley last month, Marc and I had the chance to drop by at the town of Alcala, Cagayan, Philippines.

what should’nt be missed while in Alcala is its church dedicated to its patroness, Santa Filomena, and of course the Teano’s Carabao Milk Candy.

Cagayan 0058

The Alcala Church is said to be the widest in the Cagayan Valley Region. The church was built in 1881 using red bricks.

The church’s convento, which has now been converted into a school was also built using red bricks and the design is closely patterned after the church facade.

Cagayan 0062

Aside from the wide red brick church, another hot item from Alcala is the milk candy made from 100% carabao’s milk. I am not sure if there are other brands. From the church, we just took a tricycle and asked him to us to where the milk candies are sold. He brought us to Teano’s Milk Candy.

A small pack of Carabao Milk Candy costs around PHP30 (?). I bought 10 packs for pasalubong. But mind you, even before we left the place, I have already opened a pack of milk candy!

Cagayan 0065

Masarap nga sya! Not too sweet and hindi nakaka umay. I heard there’s a Teano Milk Candy store in Mandaluyong. I have yet to check its exact location, though.

When I get a Late Deal vacation in Cagayan Valley again, I’d never fail to visit Alcala Church and buy the Teano Milk Candy again!

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