Pamilya Grill – The Small eatery also known as Fake Bob’s

A few weeks ago I was back in Bacolod City for some business and had lunch at the Pamilya Paura Grill. A lot of stories have been spreading about this small eatery in Bacolod, which led me to pin down its exact location.

little bobs 005
Sate Babe

There’s this spreading urban legend about a small carinderia in Bacolod that serves really good food at unbelievably dirt cheap (no pun intended) prices. Information about this eatery is scarce on the Internet. I had a hard time looking for its direction. The only thing I know is that, It is located at Eroreco.

So one day, I posted in my Facebook wall, asking for directions where it is actually located. All friends pointed me to a corner lot near St. Scholastica’s Academy. Unfortunately, THAT eatery they pointed is now closed and has moved to a new and bigger location.

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Until somebody told me to just drive through the long stretch of road of Eroreco, as it’s located just before I arrive at Our Lady of Mercy Hospital (Thanks Miss Leah Badrina for emailing me the name of the hospital!).

It was lunch time, when Audrey and I noticed a number of cars parking along a vacant lot. then I finally saw the sign! Ito na yun!

little bobs 012

So we got inside. The place looks like an upgraded carinderia. There were plastic tables and chairs all over. You take your seat, and just wait for the staff to bring you their menu.

What made this eatery a talk of the town is that, most of its menu offerings are EXACTLY LIKE those of Bob’s. For those who dine regularly at Bob’s you’d know that the best sellers are the Sate Babe, the Back Ribs, and the Fruit Punch. Pamilya Paura Grill also has the same offerings, but at half the price! That’s why some people Call the eatery as Fake Bob’s or Little Bob’s. There were talks that the owner of this eatery was once a cook of Bob’s, and decided to build his own eatery after he left Bob’s.


For our lunch, Audrey, some friends, and I ordered Sate Babi, Chicken Sate, and Extra Large Back Ribs for sharing.

The Sate Babe is priced at PHP40, Fruit Punch at PHP20 a glass, and th Extra Large Back Ribs at PHP120. Murang mura di ba!

little bobs 004

That’s why it is not a surprise to see the eatery full of office workers and students during lunch time.

And how about the taste? Really Realy good! Almost copied the flavors of Bob’s perfectly. I love the peanut sauce of the Sate Bade, and the falling-off-the-bone consistency of the back ribs! Though, chaper food means there are also somethings that needs to be sacrificed. Like for instance, the Sate Babe, the meat portions is much smaller compared to the Sate of Bob’s. Pamilya Grill’s Sate also has less peanut sauce. The Fruit Punch I think also lacks from fresh fruit ingredients. I just cant identify which fruit is missing. And the ribs, is I guess much smaller than the ones offered at Bob’s.

little bobs 006

After my initial visit to the Pamilya Grill, I have eaten here thrice already. I come here not because I want to enjoy the Flavor of Bob’s in a cheap way. I come to Pamilya Grill because I love the food. If I want to enjoy the god food of Bob’s I still go to the Original Bob’s Restaurant.

Pamilya Grill is located at Margarita Road, Eroreco Bacolod City.


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