Paradise Found: Kalanggaman Island

When I first learned that Kalanggaman Island is part of our 6-day PHILTOA Media Familiarization Tour in Eastern Visayas, I really got excited.

palompon 00019

Technically speaking, Kalanggaman is not an island, but is just an Islet. it is still under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Palompon in the Province of Leyte.

From Tacloban City, Palompon is appoximately 2 hours by public transport, and from Palompon you take a 45 minute chartered pump boat to the island for 45 minutes.

So on the 4th day of our Familiarization Trip, we got ourselves early and headed towards the town of Palompon. We first visited the Tourism office where the friendly tourism officers gave us an update of what’s happening in the tourism sector of Palompon. They also gave us a brief background of Kalanggaman Island as well as other must-visit places in Palompon.

palompon 00020

From the office we then headed straight to the pier where our pump boat is waiting for us. While we were making our way towards the island, several dolphins made its presence felt by jumping out of the sea.

A few minutes later, and we arrived in kalanggaman Island. Oh gosh! It’s so beautiful! Kalanggaman Island is divine!

You’d run out of words to describe how beautiful the island is. German tourists would probably need a lot of German Translation to describe its pristine state. The island got its name from the Cebuano word langgam meaning bird. As many claims that the island is said to be shaped like a bird. I have to see this in the map myself.

kalanggaman island, palompon leyte

The long stretch of white sand is just perfect. And the fact that there’s no infrastructure, nor commercial establishments, or accommodations in the island, makes it even more attractive!

It is very pristine.The water is pleasantly cool even on a hot day.

And because there are no food outlets here, you sure have to bring your own food, water and booze when you visit.

palompon 00033

Kalanggaman Island is actually a popular diving spot for tourists who come to Malapascua Island in Cebu. Most of the Dive shops there would offer dive here since the ares is just near Malapascua.

The whole island of Kalanggaman is pretty small, actually. The whole land area is only7 hectares big. There are tourist police station at the island ready to assist those in need.

palompon 00030

When we were in Kalanggaman Island, I had the chance to snorkel for a bit. After we had our hearty lunch, we went back to Palompon and just like what we experienced earlier, several dolphins showed up again.

palompon 00051

Aside from Kalanggaman Island, the town of Palompon also boats its other Eco-Tourism Project: The Tabuk Marine Park Fish and
Bird Sanctuary.

The sanctuary is located just 300 meters from the mainland and is 72 hectares big. Ideal activities in the area are bird watching, snorkeling, scuba diving, and marine safari. This is a perfect place for people who want to learn about ecological diversity. Perfect for school field trips!

palompon 00058
Tabuk Sanctuary

The whole area of Tabuk islet is covered with lush mangrove trees with bats and birds flying everywhere.

The Tabuk sanctuary and Kalanggaman Island are just two of my recent discoveries that I am planning to visit again soon! These two will be available as tour packages at the upcoming 22nd Philippine Travel Mart in SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia, September 2-4 2011

palompon 00061

Experience the white sandy beaches of Kalanggaman Island via AirPhil Express! AirPhil Express now flies daily from Manila to Tacloban using the Airbus320 aircraft. To book, just log on to their website

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  1. neknekenken says:

    Wow. It does look beautiful. I’ve never been to other parts of the Visayas Region before apart from Cebu. Will add this to my list of must see places :]

  2. freecallsphilippines says:

    indeed so very beautiful! but no pictures of dolphins! :)

  3. Dee Quixotic says:

    masasabi ko ngang pure shores ito..

  4. tengturista says:

    pa-share nmn po ng instructions how to get to palompon from tacloban airport. san po ang mga sakayan. thanks po! great blog by the way!

  5. Karla says:

    WOW! This makes me more proud to be Waray! Thanks for the info. Will definitely add this to my itinerary. Planning to visit Leyte this Christmas. Last time I was home was 2009! I’m glad Eastern Visayas is getting more recognised in terms of being a travel destination.

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