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Posted by on April 21, 2012

It’s the second day of the Sooo Pinoy Food Trip na Pilipinas Cebu leg and our gastronomic adventure continues. And our first destination: Port Seafood Restaurant.

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Port Seafood restaurant is designed with a cruise ship/naval theme. The business is owned and managed by the couple Mr. Edward Hayco and Mrs. Eleanor Hayco.

After the restaurant has undergone renovations, overhaul, and total rebranding, the restaurant now enjoys a loyal following is an said to be one of the busiest buffet restaurant in Cebu City. The restaurant offers Cebuano/Filipino dishes recreated with international influence.

So as not to make sure that the interiors would not become boring. the management tries to change the decors at least 5 times in a year, depending on the season, like Halloween, Christmas, Summer, etc.

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During the Sooo Pinoy Media tour in Cebu, we were served with Chicken Binakol in Port seafood Restaurant. Binakol is a dish with sliced chicken cooked in coconut juice with added with young coconut strips.

Among the one hundred and one ways of cooking chicken, Binakol is always on top of the list. I love its sweet savory flavor. The sliced coconut strips adds texture to the dish and gives an exciting flavor to the soup.

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and to complement with the Binakol is Pineapple Rice. It is actually a fried rice cooked with pineapple bits. the flavor is very refreshing. It is a good pair for the Chicken binakol.

And more than just the binakol and the pineaple rice, Port Seafood Restaurant is also known for its all-day buffet and a la carte dishes. The restaurant’s bestsellers includes Sizzling Bangus, Kare kare, lechon, Sizzling squid, pizza and Pasta.

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It is also very interesting to note that the restaurant changes its menu every week. this is good so that loyal patrons will not get bored with the menu offerings, and that people will always lok for something new everytime they visit the seafood resto.

Port Seafood restaurant is located beside the Waterfront Resort and Hotel in Lahug, cebu City Philippines.

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Our visit to the restaurant is part of itinerary for the sooo Pinoy: Food Trip na Pilipinas Cebu Leg.

Sooo Pinoy is an advocacy of Unilever Food Solutions championing the diversity of the Filipino cuisine.

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