Leyte Pintados Kasadyaan Festival 2012

Posted by on July 2, 2012

It’s a Festival like no other!

And just like two years ago, I am so amazed at this year’s edition of the Pintados Kasadyaan Festival 2012. And just like before, thousands of tourists flock to the Province of Leyte witness the festivities. Pintados Kasadyaan is one of the biggest provincial festival celebration in the Philippines.

Pintados kasadyaan 2012 0034

the highlight of the celebration is the joint holding of the Pintados Festival and the Kasaydyaan Festival of Festivals competition. This year, 10 Pintados contingents joined coming from the various barangays of Tacloban plus a few more from the neighboring towns. The Kasadyaan Festival of Festivals, on the other hand., was participated by eleven festivals coming from the different parts of Leyte.

This year I was invited to come to Leyte to sit down as judge in this years festival. I arrived last June 26th, a day before the Pintados Kasadyaan festival competition.

Pintados kasadyaan 2012 0063

June 26th was also the Bituon han Leyte, the search for the loveliest and the most graceful lead dancer.

June 27th was the biggest dayy of the month-long festivities. This is the time when 10 Pintados groups and eleven festivals will compete during the Kasadyaan Festival of Festivals Competition.

pintados kasadyaan 2012 0013

The event was held at the Leyte Sports Development Center. The grandstand was jampacked. Thousands of locals as well as tourists flocked to the venue to witness the presentation and take photos of the dancers.

This year there were fewer contingents that joined the asadyaan contest, but this doesn’t mean that the quality of the performances also deacreased. In fact this year’s performances is even better, exceeding the 2010 edition (The last Pintados I have witnessed).

Pintados kasadyaan 2012 0044

This year’s contingents have really good costumes, really amazing props and the dance routines are all breathtaking. The crowd goes wild every dance transitions.

And I thought I will only be judging the Festival competition. But a day later, I was also invited to juge the Pintados Kasadyaan Hip Hop Dance competition. Fourteen dance groups from Tacloban as well as from the neighboring towns competed for the Fifty Thousand Peso-Grand Prize. Not bad for a hip hop dance contest, eh?

Pintados kasadyaan 2012 0100

A day after the competition, it was already a fee day for me. hurray! So I went to the town of Dagami to observe the process of creating Binagol, a sweet dessert made of Talyan rootcrop.

Later in the evening I got to meet the some of our friends from the Department of Toiurism Region VIII. We got to chat over great food and beer. Yey!

Pintados kasadyaan 2012 0093
Jumpshot in San Juanico Bridge

Napasarap sa Kwentuhan! I went back to the hotel at 3:30AM and I have a flight at 6:00AM. So after I went back to the hotel room, I just took shower, fixed my things and checked out of the hotel and zoomed in towards the DZ Romualdez airport without anyt sleep! Parang si Kuya Germs lang, Walang tulugan!

Pintados kasadyaan 2012 0079
mc Arthur Shrine in Palo Leyte

I arrived i Cebu at around 7AM. I immediately got a cab and asked the driver to drop me at the Sugbutel Bed and Bath. I have been to Sugbutel countless of times, and this has already been my home while in Cebu. Upon arrival, I wasted no time, got to sleep until the afternoon.

it was a very fun and exciting trip in Leyte. It was my first time to actually judge the Pintados Kasadyaan Festival, my first time to see where the Binagol is being made, more than that, I also got to meet new friends from Tacloban.

Pintados kasadyaan 2012 0004
Pintaos Kasadyaa Board of Judges with Gov Icot Petilla, Mayor Matin Petilla and the Pintados Kasadyaan organizers

Many many thanks to the Pintados Foundation for inviting us to be part of this year’s Festival Celebration especially to Palo Mayor, Madam Matin Petilla, as well as to governor Icot Petilla. Many thanks also to Ludette and Gerry Ruiz of Leyte Gulf Travel and Tours for bringing me to where the best biagol in town is made.

and of course, to the coolest staff of Deptartment of Tourism Region VIII.

Thank you very much! I hope I can go back to Leyte again next year to judge the 2013 Pintados Kasadyaan Festival!

Pintados kasadyaan 2012 0083
free time in Hotel

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  1. Thanks for making my first Tacloban trip a happy and merry one! :D

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