Wild Encounters at the Zoobic Safari

Posted by on July 11, 2012

|It was one of the acitvities in our itinerary that I really look forward to. Close encounters with the tigers, and other animals at the Zoobic Safari! Yahoo! I have seen tigers before in other zoo but this is going to be my first time to do it in Subic.

Subic  0237

The park is quite big. you actually need to ride their car to move around. the first section opf the park we got to visit is their aviary. There were several hornbills on top of the trees, and the guests were easily enjoying taking photos of the birds. Aside from hornbills, there were parakeets and other fowls too.

Then there’s the deer, several kinds of it. This lovely animals remind me of Bambi, that cute and cuddly deer cartoon character before. I dunno if the younger generation still know who Bambi is. :D

Subic  0142

Ther they also have a serpentarium where various snakes and reptiles are kept. I love their pythons! I’m sure not all people would love this section. But its amazing to see this animals up close.

After the serpentarium we then rode the train-like transport system of the park, that would bring us to the tigers and other sections of the zoo. There is a separate fee for the transport system, P50 i think, but if you have a car, you can just convy at the end of the train so no need for you to pay extra.

There a separate reception area just before the tiger interaction. There’s also a pasalubong shop, and a counter where you can pay for the chicken meat that the guides will feed to the tigers so it will go near your vehicle.

Subic  0166

From there we rode the safari vehicle. It’s closed with all the grills but wide enough for us to see what’s happening outside. Then here comes the striped felines, coming near to us. It was a bit scary. But I know I dont have to be afraid.We’re safely tucked inside the vehicle! Then suddenly our guide handed out some chicken meat to the tiger. Wow! it was an amazing moment. I can clearly see its large teeth biting of pieces of meat. And the guests went gaga. Picture here and everywhere. Pichur dito Pichur doon. It was a brief interaction. bitin! but it was fun.

Subic  0213

afterwards we then proceeded top the musem where animal bones eggs and skin were preserved. It was an impressive collection, i must say.

After the museum we then proceeded to the area where there were several aetas performing its traditional dances to the delight of the crowd. The crowd really enjoyed their performance and gave then wild cheers and applause.

The crocodile park is our next destination. There were a lot of freshwater crocodiles at the park. I actually lost count. In this section, you may also have the option to buy chicken meat to feed the crocodiles./ After the crocodile section, comes another pasalubong shop where you can buy stuffed toys and other souvenir items.

Subic  0282

Our trip to the crocodile park is the last segment of our tour. afterwards, we then headed towards, their park restaurant, supposedly to have some refreshments, I was surprised that we were actually served with a full lunch! But the food is great. yummy sisig, pork sinigang, and chopsuey were served to us.

It was a great Sunday Lunch! and I totally enjoy my Sunday at the Park in Subic rather than just stay at home at play online role playing games at pokergames.com.

Subic  0290

Many many thanks to Zoobic Safari in Subic Zambales and to Miss Jeanne of Subic Homes for inviting us to experience Zobbic Safari in Subic Zambales!

Subic  0191

Subic  0252

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  1. csseyah says:

    It’s so nice to go to Zoobic Safari! I hope I can managed to get free time just to visit have fun there.

  2. Kaiz says:

    Ang kilala ng mga kabataan ngayon ay Simsimi! :D

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