San Carlos City celebrates Pintaflores Festival 2012

It was scorching hot. But the kids from the various schools didnt mind it at all. It was the day when everyone had their body painted with body tattoo and wore costumes in floral designs. This is the Pintaflores Festival 2012.

pintaflores 2012 305

This is the fourth straight year that I have been covering the Pintaflores Festival. And as always, I am captivated as the burst of vibrant colors and lively executions of the choreography.

One of the things I always look forward during the streetdancing are the colorful costumes worn by the dancers as well as the intricately designed ball gowns don by the festival queens. Really breathtaking!

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I traveled to San Carlos City, some 80+ kilometers east of Bacolod. It is a 2.5hr bus ride from the capital of Negros Occidental via the Don Salvador Benedicto Route.

During the previous years, I travel to San Carlos alone. But this year, I traveled back with several bloggers + 2 from Choose Philippines! Don Fitz and Rina joined me on this trip. Exciting!

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We arrived in San Carlos at around 9:30AM. We had heavy breakfast upon arrival because hunger pangs is not longer bearable. afterwhich, we then proceeded to the City Hall to claim our Media IDs. Sir Joe Aingasa, the City’s Tourism Officer was not there. So we proceeded to Carmel’s Inn where the judges were having their briefing with Sir Joe. So I had to wait a little bit more until they were done.

After which, I also got to meet some of the judges. Familiar faces. Some of them I got to work with as fellow judges during the Pintaflores 2010, as well as in other festivals.

pintaflores 2012 068

Anyways, after we got hold of our IDs we immediately hailed a tricycle and went to the port, where the dancers assembled for the start of the streetdancing competition.

we were just in time. We arrived at the port at around quarter to twelve. The sun’s up and the heat is unbearable.

pintaflores 2012 133

When we got off the tricycle there were several groups lined up already, ready for the contest to commence.

Ganda ng costumes talaga! and the ball gowns were all intricately designed! I am simply amazed at how they put together piece by piece these beads, sequins, pearls and magically transformed then into a lovely ball gown. Amazing!

pintaflores 2012 152

As usual thousands of locals as well as tourists flocked the main thoroughfares of San Carlos City to watch the spectacular show of dances and colors during the street dancing competition.

There’s even a lot more people trooped to the gymnasium where the ritual presentation was held.

pintaflores 2012 242

All in al, it was another overwhelming experiences in San Carlos City. Another experience worth blogging. Anogther experience worth telling to friends to come and experience the flowers, tattoo, and graceful dances, that is Pintaflores Festival.

iiVamos San Carlos!! Hope to see you again next year!

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