More Photos from the Cinco de Noviembre Photowak

I always love Silay City. It’s one city that I want ted to explore on foot. I am always fascinated seeing these rows and rows of ancestral houses, especially along the Cinco de Noviembre street.

Cinco de Noviembre 011

Looking at these structures, You would know how affluent the people of Silay before. You would learn how they value the importance of arts.

Cinco de Noviembre 048

Many of the houses in Silay are still privately owned are are still being used by the famiies, so most of the time these ancestral houses are still off limits to visitors, except for the Balay Negrense which has already been converted into a museum.

The Hofilena house, although, it is still being used by the family today, has decided to open its doors to the public and made their house into a museum. It is said to be the first ancestral house in Silay to open its doors to the public.

Cinco de Noviembre 054

And when in Negros Occidental, another attraction that should not be missed is The Ruins in Talisay. I have been to this place countless of times already, but as always, I am still amazed at its beauty. I just can’t imagine how grand it was during its heyday.

Cinco de Noviembre 060

So when you have the chance to visit the province of Negros Occidental, I highly suggest that you do aphotowalk and explore the Paris og Negros on foot. As always, the best way to experience a city is by walking.

Cinco de Noviembre 062

Cinco de Noviembre 066

Cinco de Noviembre 072

Cinco de Noviembre 079

Cinco de Noviembre 082

Cinco de Noviembre 103

Cinco de Noviembre 154

Cinco de Noviembre 164

Cinco de Noviembre 152

Cinco de Noviembre 174

Cinco de Noviembre 223

Cinco de Noviembre 185

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