Hawk BackPack Contest Winners

I have already posted this in my Facebook account but to make things official, here it is, the ten lucky winners of Hawk Backpacks. Top winner is Don Trivino. I picked his entry because he is a friend, but simply because I love his answer. Pang Miss Universe eh! :)

Here’s Don’s entry:

I am Don Trivino and I am proud to be a Pinoy traveler.

A lot of my friends pride themselves of having been to many countries in South East Asia. They always show me the many stamps that they have in their passport and the beautiful spots they’ve seen abroad.
But I am not impressed, because I’ve seen places, which are more beautiful, more breathtaking and more fun.

From the serene beaches of Pagudpud, to the calm waters of Saranggani Bay; from the awesome heights of Sagada, to the deep stillness of the Bathala Caves – I’ve seen the beauty of the Philippines.

I’ve danced like a madman in the Ati-Atihan Festival. I’ve worn the colorful masks of the MassKara Festival. I’ve flown over seven falls in Lake Sebu. I’ve jumped on the San Juanico Bridge.

I’ve traveled, I’ve seen, I’ve experienced, I’ve lived.

I am Don Trivino and I am a proudly Pinoy traveler.

Ganda ng entry di ba?! Anyway, to complete the list, here are the names of the other 9 winners. To everyone, Congratulations. To al non winners, Thank you for joining our promo. Hopefully we can have another promo for Hawk Backpacks!

- Jarred Noelan Que
- Raul Despojo
- Darwin Cayetano
- Pinoy Adventurista
- Fitz Gerard Villafuerte
- danny tumamao 
- Ria romero
– Melody Co

All winners will be contacted by representatives from Hawk Backpacks on how you can claim your prize. congratulations!

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