Been to the Hofilena Ancestral House?

I love old houses. It’s it’s one reason why I always go back to Silay. The Hofilena ancestral house is just one of the houses that I get to pass by and take photos of its facade. But it was only recently when I got the chance to get inside the mansion.

Cinco de Noviembre 148

It’s like a jewel box of sorts. It is so full precious objects, items, artifacts and artworks. And I was like, drooling with envy.

The house is the first ancestral house in Silay to open its doors to the public as a museum in 1962.

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although it is now declared as a museum by the National Commission for the Culture and the arts (NCCA), One of the Hofilena sons, Mr. Ramon Hofilena still lives on the house.

So off we got inside the house. The ground floor has a very impressive collection of old jars, dinnerware, furnitures, old newspaper clippings, magazines, and some other interesting knick knacks.

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Photography is allowed on the ground floor. So take al the photos that you want, but its a different story on the second floor. Taking of photos on the upper level of the mansion is not allowed. You know why? It houses priceless artworks that I am dying to own!

The second floor has paintings an sketches done by the likes of Félix Resurrección Hidalgo, Juan Luna, Vicente Manansala, and THE Jose Rizal! The museum also has an impressive collection of original prints signed by the artists themselves including Manuel rodriguez sr. Known to be the Father of Philippine Printmaking.

Cinco de Noviembre 114

But do you know what’s my favorite part of the museum is? The word’s smallest doll. Mr ramon Hofilena has one, neatly tucked inside a box. You need to use a magnifying glass to see the finest details. Very lovely. He said he acquired the collection while in Japan.

Mr. Ramon hofilena is indeed one of the best keepers of the Negrense Heritage and Culture. And I am very honored to have toured the house with THE Mr. Ramon Hofilena himself.

Cinco de Noviembre 123

The ancestral house is located along Cinco de Noviembre street in silay city.

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