Exploring the hidden wonders of Aklan

A few weeks ago, I flew to Kalibo Aklan via AirPhil Express. Too bad, many people only knew about Boracay. Actualy there’s actually a lot more to explore in Aklan. It’s just waiting to be discovered.

kalibo 045

So when I went there a few weeks ago, I purposely did not go back to Boracay, because I wanted to experience the other attractions of the Oldest Province of the Philippines.

One of the places I got to revisit is the Sampaguita Gardens in the town of New Washington.

kalibo 062

Sampaguita gardens is known for is vast collection of Precious Moments porcelain dolls, the Christmas Village, and then priceless collections of Precious Moments creator, Mr. Samuel Butcher.

This was my second time to visit the Sampaguita Gardens, but it was my first time to get inside the house of Mr Samue butcher which houses a jaw-dropping collection of art pieces.

kalibo 105

kalibo 107

kalibo 112

I love the opium bed! And the chest and cabinets embedded with inlaid pearls.

Jawili Falls and Beach

Another interesting place I got to visit is the Jawili Falls and beach in Brgy. Jawili, in the town of Tangalan.

kalibo 175

kalibo 187

It was my first time to experience the natural attractions of Tangalan. The falls of Jawili features seven levels of water basins where one can take a dip. During my visit there, I was just planning to shoot the place so I did not bring any extra clothes. The water’s so inviting, so I ended up getting envy at the locals swimming at the basin.

kalibo 205

kalibo 206

kalibo 217

From the falls, we took another very short drive, (actually you can just walk from the falls!) going to the Jawili beach.

the beach is has cream colored sand with some specks of the black sand. The beach is clean. And not much people when we were there, since it was almost 2PM. sarap mag swimming!

kalibo 243

From the beach, we went back to highway and drove back to Kalibo, the province’s capital. But before going back, we passed by the centuries-old San juan Nepomoceno Church of Tangalan. Very beautiful facade!

The next day, I visited the HAMPCO or the Handicraft of Aklan Multi Purpose Cooperative. the cooperative has a vast collection of products made from abaca, and pineapple fibers. I bought several pieces of abaca-made bags + several meters of Sinamay. perfect for pasalubong to friends!

kalibo 153

kalibo 143

There are a whole lot more to discover in Aklan! I have barely scratched the ground. I wear I will explore more when I return this coming January for the Ati-atihan Festival celebration! Can’t wait to go back!

Planning to experience the Mother of All Festivals? Fly to Kalibo via AirPhil express! AirPhil express flies daily from Manila to Kalibo aklan daily!

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kalibo 164

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  1. kakagaling ko lang sa jawili kahapon! kala ko maglalakad ako ng 2 hours pauwi sa dilim, wala na ko masakyan after sunset sa beach :P

  2. Pwede ko rin itong puntahan next month!

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