Santa Monica Beach Club, Dumaguete City

When I first received the invitation to travel to Dumaguete courtesy of Santa Monica Beach Club, I got so excited. I am so thrilled to return to the City of Gentle People.

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Originally we were scheduled to stay in Dumaguete for three days then move to Bohol. But plans changed. The three day escape became 5 days, complete with a signal #3 storm to more excitement to the trip.

We arrived early morning of December 1, with full schedule ahead of us. Upon arrival we checked in at our respective rooms to freshen up.

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First thing we did was to tour around the city. We got to visit the Silliman University Anthropological Museum, the belfry of Santa Catalina de Alejandria, and Red Valley or Pulang Bato Waterfalls.

We had our lunch at Dumaguete’s most popular resto cafe, Sans Rival Bistro. Great Food. But the even is even better! Sans Rival has always been known for their mouth watering Sylvannas, and Sans Rival.

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For our dinner we were given 200 Pesos each, and were free to buy for grilling. We decided to pool our money together so that we can have more options.

With 1,800Pesos in hand, we got to buy more shrimps, blue marlin, tangigue,bangus,and a whole lot more. It was fun going to the wet market and buy fresh seafoods for our dinner. We also got to drop by where the famous Budbod sa Tanjay is being sold. Bought several pieces, and finished them all in one sitting. Sarap sarap!

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Santa Monica Beach Club has been receiving guests for more than a decade already. But around middle of this year, the resort was acquired by Amorita Resort the same group that operates the Amorita Beach Resort in Panglao Bohol.

Various improvements are now being undertaken at Santa Monica to upgrade the facilities. New rooms are being constructed, the walls repainted, and the menu overhauled. They brought in Chef Syl to recreate the menu for the resort. Chef Syl Malenab used to work under Chef Paeng Ongchiong of Amorita Beach Resort in Panglao.

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I know chef Paeng, and have tried some of his creations before. So I am not surprised at how good Chef Syl is. Nothing fancy Schmancy, but the food is really good.

The resort has a pool where one can take a dip. There also a pool bar beside it for some quick snacks and drinks.

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By the time it will be completely done, the resort will also have its own restaurant hall, and large family rooms for big events or celebrations.

Although the beach along Dumaguete itself i not really that impressive, there are several attractions which is very near the Santa Monica Resort like the Silliman University, the Santa Catalina Church and Belfry, the Red Valley Falls and the Twin Lakes in Valencia City or the Manjuyod Sandbar in Manjuyod.

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The resort is currently on its soft opening, with various improvements still on going. I think the resort will go on full operation by early 2013.

Actually after the trip to Dumaguete, we were supposed to to to Bohol to check the other property recently acquired by Amorita. But we got stranded in Dumaguete City as the typhoon Pablo (international name: Bopha) wreaked havoc in Mindanao. The eye of the typhoon was only 30 kilometers away from the city. So we literally felt its power. The winds, howling. The trees swaying. And the branches, falling off the trees one by one. It was rally scary, but thank God we were all safe at the Santa Monica Beach Club.

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Our three day escapade became five days. Because of the ferry and flight cancellations, we were able to exit December 5th. Many thanks to Sir Nikki of Amorita Resort and Ma’am Cita the Santa monica Resort Manager for inviting us to the beach resort and for taking care of use during the height of Typhoon Pablo.

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many thanks to AirPhil Express to the hassle-free rebooking of our plane tickets back to Manila. Check out AirPhil Express’ website for the cheap flights and lowest airfares!
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Comments (5)


  1. The food and views are pure deliciousness. I love the Philippines!

  2. Buti na lang nandyan kayo nung masama ang panahon. Yay, haven’t explored Dumaguete talaga. Hanggang boulevard at Sans Rival lang ako lagi :))

  3. Sophia says:

    After you bought the seafood at the market, where did you cook it?Do they allow cooking at the hotel? I would love to visit the PI markets, but don’t know where I’d cook the food if I stayed at a hotel.

  4. Sheena Bree says:

    Last kong punta dito. Hindi pa gaanong kaganda. But seeing on your blog. They have improved a lot!

  5. Enrico Dee says:

    @Sophia, the resort chef did the cooking for us. though we left him instructions on how to cook the seafoods.

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