A Trip to Hoyohoy Highland Park and Roma Swimming Pool

Last December I was in Tangub City Misamis Occidental to judge the 20th Tangub City Christmas Symbols Festival. And one of the places I really wanted to visited during that time was the Hoyohoy Highland Park.

tangub city 05

They say that Hoyohoy’s temperature can be compared to the crisp climate of Baguio. Ok well see.

So on my last full day in tangub, I was fetched by some OJT staff of the City tourism office at the Tangub City Hostel.

The good City Mayor, honorable Philip Tan lent his car for us to visit the park.

tangub city 04

Situated at 850 meters above sea level, Hoyohoy Highland Park enjoys a crisp climate all year round. The place is also dotted with several pine trees, proof that the temperature here is much cooler.

The viewing deck has a commanding view of the Panguil Bay and the city center of Tangub City.

Lovely view, and the air is so cold. It was almost lunch time when we arrived at Hoyohoy, but it was freezing cold. But I am not complaining. I actually love it!

tangub city 18

So I asked the driver and the Tourism Office staff if we can stay a little bit more as I am still enjoying every moment of being there. Took lots of photos, here and there. Walked a little bit.

The view deck is set to be renovated soon. A huge billboard is set up at the area announcing the scheduled renovation project. The new view deck looks promising, complete with glass walls! I just hope that they use a think glass that could sustain the strong winds there.

tangub city 14

Finally we decided to leave the place. From there we dropped by the Roma Swimming Pool.

I was not prepared to swim. But the clear blue water of the pool is so inviting. There were several cottages around the pool for the guests to use. Perfect for a weekend family getaway.

tangub city 34

There’s also a large function area located on top of a small hill just beside the pool. The function hall has a great view of the resort.

Sarap mag swimming! Maybe next time, when I return to Tangub City, I would spend a day here dipping in the cool waters of Roma Swimming Pool.

tangub city 37

tangub city 32

tangub city 44

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