Birthday Bash in Taal Vista Hotel Tagaytay

I seldom celebrate my bithday, but this year’s an exception. And Taal Vista Hotel Tagaytay, made sure I will not easily forget my special day.

Undoubtedly, Taal vista offers one of the best views of Taal Volcano, and lady luck was on my side when I arrived at the hotel. It was a clear day and Taal can be clearly seen from the ridge.

taal vista Hotel tagaytay 168

I arrived almost lunch time, and was greeted by Miss Celine Arenillo, the Marketing Communications Manager of the hotel, as well as Miss Ro Manalo of SM Hotels, the group that oversees the operation of Taal Vista.

Upon arrival, we had our usual hi-hello then off to Cafe on the Ridge, the in-house restaurant of the hotel for our buffet lunch. Food is great.

taal vista Hotel tagaytay 19

I love the steamed fish, ham, beef curry and their version of the Korean glass noodle Chap Chae. I was su surprised when suddenly coming from my back, the hotel singers came and sang “Happy Birthday” to me, complete with birthday cake!

Oh God I really hate surprises! Nagulat talaga ako!

taal vista Hotel tagaytay 11

After lunch, I had enough time to take a quick break, and freshen up before I finally got to tour the property and check out the other rooms. I got a Premier Room with the Lake View. Yey!

taal vista Hotel tagaytay 13

At around quarter to four in the afternoon, we started to tour the property. Checked out the rooms, walked along the patio, got to read the brief history of the hotel with their new history wall.

We. also visited their small garden wither lettuce cabbage eggplants and herbs were planted. Isn’t it cool that they produce their own vegetables?

taal vista Hotel tagaytay 50

taal vista Hotel tagaytay 28

We then passed by the hotel pool. I dunno, but with a cool temperature Tagaytay is enjoy all year round, I am not sure of I would dare jump into the pool. But mind you… there are a lot of people when we dropped by. Too bad, It was so cloudy when we visited so I decided not to take any photo, and will just shoot the next day.

taal vista Hotel tagaytay 55
taal vista Hotel tagaytay 62

We then proceeded to the Mountain wing of the Hotel. The mountain wing is the original site of the Taal Vista Hotel. It may be the first building but the rooms have just been newly renovated and the facilities, upgraded.

The rooms are very lovely!

taal vista Hotel tagaytay 100

From there, we then headed to Asmara Spa, where I got a relaxing 1-hour hole body massage. I was asked to pick the oil that will be used. Hala singhot dito singhot doon. Finally, I picked the peppermint oil. Before I finally got my massage, I had to take photos of the spa area. I love their couples room!

taal vista Hotel tagaytay 106

After the massage, went straight to the room to transfer some of my photos to my external hard disk, and post a few photos in my Facebook and twitter Account.

Dinner follow a few minutes later. My friend and I had Sinigang na Sugpo and Sizzling Bulalo.

taal vista Hotel tagaytay 117

I swear, I am not a big fan of sinigang. I don’t like sour foods, but it was my friend’s choice, so sige na nga. Let him finish his sinigang, while I finish my Sizzling Bulalo.

Finally naubos din namin lahat. we’re actually planning to get dessert, pero di na talaga kaya.

taal vista Hotel tagaytay 140

After dinner we went outside of the hotel. It was frigging cold. Good Think I brought with my my Columbia Fleece Jacket. Brought with me my tripod so that I can take night shots.

Sarap lang talaga tumambay sa labas. It’s not everyday that I get to enjoy this kind of temperature.

taal vista Hotel tagaytay 152

A few minutes later, I can no longer bear the cool breeze, so we decided to go back to the room, watch TV, and go online.

The following day, it was partially cloudy. And thank god I already shot the Taal volcano a day earlier.

taal vista Hotel tagaytay 156

Woke up late. I had my brekky at around 9:30AM. Sarap ng lamig kasi! Bacon for breakfast is always perfect. And tea latte.

After the breakfast, I roamed around the hotel compound, went back to the pool hoping to get a better photo of it. And I was not disappointed! There was blue sky when I took a shot of the pool! Yey!

taal vista Hotel tagaytay 189

After breakfast I went back to the hotel room, turned on my laptop, and the TV. But I decided to just stay at the veranda for a while to enjoy the cool breeze.

I just used the free time to upload some photos to my Facebook account and backed up some files to my external hard disk drive.

taal vista Hotel tagaytay 200

By around 1:30PM, we checked out of the room, and had buffet lunch. Lunch was steamed fish, steamed pork ribs, Pancit habhab, Wild Mushroom Soup, and a few more items on the buffet spread.

taal vista Hotel tagaytay 213

I love their mushroom soup and steamed pork ribs. Yummy! And true to the Pinoy tradition of celebrating Birthday, may pancit din kami!

We left Taal Vista hotel at around 2:30PM, very happy and very satisfied.

taal vista Hotel tagaytay 83

I never thought that my once in a blue moon birthday celebration would be a blast. It’s something that I will not easily forget. Many thanks to Taal Vista Hotel for playing host to my birthday celebration.

For more information about Taal vista Hotel or for booking inquiries:

taal vista Hotel tagaytay 02

Taal Vista Hotel
Kilometer 60, Aguinaldo Highway
Tagaytay City Cavite, Philippines
Tel. +63 (46) 413 1000 or +63 (2) 886 4325

Manila Sales Office:

Ground Floor, One e-Com Center
Ocean Drive, Mall of Asia Complex CBP-1A
Pasay City 1300
Tel. No.: +63 (2) 403 1000 or +63 (2) 403 5055

taal vista Hotel tagaytay 34

Or visit their Website at

Watch out for the second installment of this article!

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  1. WOW! ang ganda talaga ng Taal Vista! I can’t wait to visit it this February! :) Happy Birthday! I know nag enjoy ka! :)

  2. Belated Happy Birthday :D

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