AirPhil Express flies to Batanes!

Not yet, my dear reads, but real soon! Air Phil Express is set to service the Manila-Basco route starting May, with a 3x weekly frequency!

Isn’t this a good news?

BYAHILO Batanes 00025

The airline is known for offering cheap fares for various domestic routes in the Philippines and with the opening of the new route, it is expected to bolster the tourism business in Batanes.

The Province of Batanes, is the northernmost provicne of the Philippines. It is also the smallest in terms of land area and population.

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The province is so far away, that it is actually much nearer to Taiwan than Metro Manila. The people of Batanes, the Ivatan people have this distinct facial characteristic that they actually look more Chinese than Filipino. their dialect, Ivatan, is also very unique.

Batanes is located on a typhoon belt area. where most of the typhoons coming in the Philippines make a landfall in Batanes. And because of this, the houses in the province especially in Sabtang Island are made of stones, put together.

BYAHILO Batanes 00034

AirPhil express will fly 3x weekly, every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Maiden flight is scheduled May 1st.

stay tuned for more updates. For more information, log on to or follow their Twitter account at @AirPhilExpress

yey! I’m so thrilled to go back to Batanes again!

BYAHILO Batanes 00043

BYAHILO Batanes 00026

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Comments (4)


  1. excited nako! good job Airphil Express!!! see you on board!!! :)

  2. Enrico Dee says:

    maiden flight tayo ha!!!

  3. oh yes!!! go go go!!! Salamat Airphil Express!! :)

  4. Gandang pa-birthday sa akin nito ni AirPhil! :)) Yey Batanes <3

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