Yummy Lunch at Nam Prik Thai Kitchen

Posted by on March 5, 2013

I must admit, I am not really that familiar with Thai cuisine. But I am very interested to learn about Thai Food. So when I got an invitation to have lunch at Nam Prik Thai Kitchen in Iloilo, I immediately said yes.

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Nam Prik Thai Kitchen is Located in Sambag Jaro Iloilo City. For our lunch we had Khao Phat or the Thai Fried Rice, pork and beef curry, deep fried spring roll, pad thai, pomelo salad, cold pork loin salad or Nam Tok.

Ang dami di ba! But I am glad we got a lot on our table because I will also be able to sample the so called Flavors of Thailand.

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Khao Phat

Among the foods served in front of us, it is the Pomelo Salad that has really caught my fancy. The sweetness of pomelo complements well with the dressing. Yummy!

The two curry dishes served to us were a mildly spiced. Thank God I can tolerate its spiciness. the owner said that if you want to ass a little bit more kick to its spiciness, you can always ask the friendly staff.

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Pork Curry

Nam Prik’s version of Nam Tok or Pork Salad is quite interesting too. I never knew that pork can also be made into salad. And it’s delicious too!

And Pad Thai! I guess this is the most popular dish Thailand has contributed to the World of Gastronomy.

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Beef Curry

Pad Thai is a stir fried noodle dish. Preparation and flavor of this dish varies from one region to another.

I love Nam Prik’s version. the noodles were perfectly cooked and is very savory. Yummy Yummy!

If you are not sure of what to order, they have samples of the dishes they serve near the counter. You can also ask their staff or if you’re lucky, you can also ask the owner Miss Tess Gequillana for suggestions.

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Nam Tok

The restaurant which serves authentic Thai fares has been in the business for quite some time now. Madam Tess said that the building where the resto stands today used to be their house and was converted into a dining place.

I actually love its rustic unassuming ambiance. It still has retained its very homey feel. This is one restaurant in Iloilo that I would surely recommend to friends! Thumbs up for introducing me to the wonderful world of Thai cuisine!

Many thanks to Tess Gequillana for inviting us to have lunch at Nam Prik Thai Kitchen!

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Fried Spring Rolls

paraw regatta 2013   36
Deep Fried Pork Balls

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