Lunch Meals and More at Figaro Coffee!

Posted by on March 6, 2013

Recently I was in Shangri-la Mall to sample the Lunch offerings of Figaro Coffee. Figaro is I guess one of the top Filipino Coffee brands that Champions the advocacy of promoting the local coffee industry.

figaro coffee 09
Mushroom soup

So every time you order a cup of coffee from Figaro, in one way or the other you also help the local coffee industry.

But more than that, another reason why I visited the coffee shop was to sample their lunch offerings.

Most coffee shops in the metro normally offer coffee tea, and light snacks like sandwiches and pastries. But Figaro offers them all + rice and pasta meals too!

This is what I am going to explore during my recent visit! Wew! Excited!

figaro coffee 11
Sweet Pork Katsu

I am no stranger to the Figaro brand. I always visit the SM Santa Rosa branch for my caffeine fix. This is the nearest branch from where I live :)

During my visit to their Shangri-la Branch, I was a bit surpried to see that everything on their Lunch Dinner and Pasta Menu were served in front of me! NAKAKALOKA!

figaro coffee 13
Chicken Curry with Pineapply Chutney

For starters, I had the signature Figaro Mushroom Soup. I love the soup’s extra thick consistency.

After the soup come the parade of heavy meals: First was the Sweet Pork Katsu, then the Chicken Curry with Pineapple Chutney, and Pan Seared Chicken Barbecue with Java Rice.

figaro coffee 23
Pan seared Chicken in BBQ Sauce

Then the Pasta…

We had Figaro Meaty Lasagna, Chicken Parmigiana, and Seafood Pomarola.

There’s just a lot, literally!

figaro coffee 27
Seafod Pomarola

I fell in love with the Chicken curry with pineapple chutney. It’s love at first bite! Yum yum yum yum yum! Delicioso!

Among the three pasta served, it’s the Figaro Meaty Lasagna and Seafood Pomarola that I love the most. Maybe because I love meaty foods, and I can actually feel the rich texture of the meat. And the sauce is good. It’s not too sweet, nor too sour. Tamang tama lang ang timpla.

figaro coffee 27
Seafood Pomarola

The same goes with Seafood Pomarola. I am not always a big fan of sea foods. I’d always prefer meat over seafoods. And I always get rashes when I eat dishes served with not-so-fresh-seafoods. But Figaro’s seafood pasta is way beyond my expectations. It was good. The pasta was cooked al dente. the sauce it perfectly done. not too sweet, and not too sour either. And there’s a generous amount of shrimp in every serving! Sarap!

And do you think we will just end our meal at that? Of course, there was dessert! I had a slice of their Pandan Cake. Looks yummy!

figaro coffee 28
Figaro Meaty Lasagna

but because I was already full after finishing the Sweet Pork Katsu, I ended up taking home all the other foods in front of me + 2 slices of the Pandan Cake. Winner di ba! Busog na may pa take out pa. :)

honestly I was so surprised that they served every dish on their lunch/dinner menu. Magrereklamo pa ba? hahaha

figaro coffee 32
Chicken Parmigiana

Anyways, I am taking this opportunity to thank Annesy del Mundo for inviting me to come over to Figaro Coffee and sample their menu.

Sa uulitin!

figaro coffee 04
Pandan Cake

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  1. parang ang sarap nung sweet pork katsu!

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