It’s snack time at Tater’s!

Posted by on March 8, 2013

If a cinema has a last name, it should’ve been Tater’s.

Last week Brenna and I found ourselves in the middle of several burgers potato chips and nachos.

Taters 04

Nah, we were not in a scene from a fantasy movie. We’re just outside the cinema of Glorietta 4 in Makati City.

Tater’s is one snack brand that is no foreign to me. I first encountered the brand when I was still living in Bacolod. They had a branch there in Robinson’s Bacolod just beside the Cinema. Most of the time,I get Onion Rings and Sour Cream Potato chips for my snacks.

Taters 05

Tater’s main market are the movie goers. That is why all Tater’s Snack Centers are located beside the Cinemas.

their popular snack items include popcorn, potato chips, nachos, onion rings as well as burgers, etc.

Taters 09
Tuna Mushroom

It was a little bit past lunch tie when I arrived in Tater’s Glorietta, and people are starting to crowd the cinema area as movies are about to start.

Coming direct from a land travel from Pampanga, I was literally tired and hungry when I arrived in Taters. So I ordered an all-meat burger and Sour cream Nachos and large Lemonade.

Taters 14
All-meat Burger

I love Tater’s Lemonade!

I think brenna had tuna Mushroom burger, and sour cream fries, while Zyn, who invited us for snacks here has tuna Mushroom burger and cheddar potato chips.

I like the burger. It is bursting with flavors. Sarap!

Taters 10
Sour Cream Nachos

I guess watching movies would even be more exciting with Taters popcorn or chips on hand! Da ba!

Although all Tater’s today are located beside the cinemas, they are soon expanding and will be opening its very first store with the fast food concept.

According to Zyn, Tater’s is set to open its first fastfood branch in Bacolod. He added that the new store concept will include menu fares that are not currently being offered on their cinema branches. Yey! I can’t wait to try this!

Many thanks to Zyn Abila of Tater’s for inviting us to have snacks at theit Glorietta Branch. sa uulitin! Like their Facebook page!

Taters 11
cheddar Flavore Potato Chips

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