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Posted by on May 10, 2013

Since time immemorial Davao has been actively promoting its destinations with the tagline “From Highlands to Islands”. I think it was way back 2005/6 when I first learned of this tagline during the Wow Philippines days in Intramuros.

And just a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have been invited by Marco Polo Davao to explore Davao, from Highlands to Islands, the Marco Polo Way.

Marco Polo Davao 036

I am not new to davao, been here several times, but because of its vast land area, I know, I have not yet fully explored the whole city. So I was very excited to visit the place again.

I arrived in Davao Thursday morning from Manila. I was alone. my other companions, Miss Yumny Mariot of Marco Polo Cebu + Cebuano bloggers Angelie Bas and Estan Cabigas all flew from Cebu City, and our flights were just minutes apart.

Marco Polo Davao 392

From the airport we then took the hotel shuttle direct to the hotel. After checking in, we had out lunch at the Lotus Court Cantonese Restaurant. Boy, the food is really food! We had all the Chinese foods you could ever imagine served in front of us. It was truly a feast! But remember, our Davao adventure has just started and we still have a several days to go! hahaha

Marco Polo Davao 394

After lunch we then headed to the Crocodile Park. This is my third time here but as always, I am thrilled to ba back at the place. Photo op with the juvenile crocodiles, pythons and the lovely birds!

There I get to meet once again the cutie orangutan, the deer, the ostrich, iguana and other interesting animals.

Marco Polo Davao 005

But because it was hot and humid we decided to order ice cream. Not just an ordinary Ice cream, mind you. We had durian Ice Cream with Ostrich egg.

It was so good! very creamy and very milky. Many people doesn’t like durian because of its unpleasant smell, but the ce doesn’st smell anything. It’s silky smooth. yummy!

Marco Polo Davao 014

Marco Polo Davao 019

After Crocodile Park we went back to the hotel for a quick rest and to freshen up before heading to our final destination of the day: Cellar de Oboza restaurant.

Probably one of the best kept secrets of Davao, Cellar de Oboza serves really good Spanish foods. Their bestseller is the beff Salpicao with is oh-so-tender and the meat is oozing with all the juices and flavors. Kalami kaayo!

Marco Polo Davao 019

Marco Polo Davao 086

Probably one of the finest cheesecakes I have tasted came from them: Maja Blanca cheesecake. The owners said the cheeecake is made by no less than the popular singer Wency Cornejo. Imagine Maja blanca with its mildly sweet taste and silky smooth texture made into a cheesecake. That’s Divine!

Marco Polo Davao 112

It was a tiring but fun filled day. Lots of new things discovered. It was a exciting day of rediscovering Davao, the Marco Polo Way!

Remember that, thi is just the first day. More adventures to come soon!

Marco Polo Davao 127

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