Buyogan tops Pintados Kasadyaan 2013 competition

Posted by on July 4, 2013

Not even Typhoon Gorio (International name “Rumbia”) could stop the Leytenos from celebrating the annual Pintados Kasadyaan Festival 2013.

I arrived in Tacloban June 27th in the morning via Tiger Airways. It was fully booked, as expected. But the flight went smoothly.

June 28th we went nto the RTR Plaza for the Bituon han Leyte Festival Queen Competition. Every year, this is one event I always look forward to aside from the streetdancing it self. Bituon han Leyte is a competition among the young female lead dancers. But unlike thye usual beauty pageants this one has now long gown or swim wear competition. They only have the dance number where the lead dancer will perform together with some of their contingent members. Bituon han Leyte is an optional event for the towns participating at the street dancing competition.

Pintados Kasadyaan 016

This year, only five towns participated at the Bituon competition. And it was raining hard already. Halfway through the competition at around 11PM, PAGASA declared the entire province of Leyte under storm storm signal number 2. Hmmmm Tuloy ang show!

The lead dancer from the Town of Tanauan, representing the Pasaka Festival, walked away as the Bituon han Leyte 2013, First Runner Up was the represenative of alang alang Leyte’s Lingganay Festival.

Pintados Kasadyaan 011

After the pageant, we immediately went back to our hotel. Early morning call time at 5AM.

Bt I woke up with heavy rains and strong winds all over Tacloban. Te entire province of Leyte is still under storm signal number 2.

So I had to text the organizers if the event would push through. By around 530am I received a negative response.

Pintados Kasadyaan 037

I was saddened. I have been looking forward to see Buyogan and Lingganay perform on the same stage again. The last time these two powerhouse festivals competed against each other was in 2010 Pintados Kasadyaan where Buyogan emerged as the Champion. After which, they took a rest from competing.

Ten by around 1030AM news spread around Tacloban that the Ritual Competition would push through at the Stadium. Yey!!

The showdown between Alang alang’s Lingganay Festival and Abuyog’s Buyoan festival would finally push through.

Pintados Kasadyaan 058

Buyogan was the Pintados Kasadyaan 2008-2010 Champion, and the Aliwan Fiesta 2009 Champion. On the other hand, Lingganay was the 2010-2011 Pintados Kasadyaan Champion and the Sinulog Festival 2013 Free Interpretation Category Champion.

It was a Battle of Champions, and everyone is waiting for this to happen.

And so it finally happened. After the ten Pintados and six Ksadyaan contingents performed, the winners were finally announced.

Pintados Kasadyaan 021

First to be announced was the Best in Festival Costume. It was Buyogan Fstival.

Then the special award for the Best in Music. As i had earlier expected, Buyogan won the award.

And then comes the tome for the major awards…

Pintados Kasadyaan 029
Buyogan Festival

The Buyogan Festival of Abuyog Leyte emerged as the agrand Champion forthis year’s Pintados Kasadyaan Competition. If there was a Best in Choreography award, they could have also won that award.

Buyogan’s superb execution of their routine added with lots of surprises was a great factor. Lngganay’s production was awesome too, but eir use of props was an overkill. We have known them their their brilliantly made props. But we want to see their dancers do a little dances too. Their formula of relying heavily on props is no long working for them. I just hope that they would lessen their props ansd do more on dancing if they would compete in Sinulog and Aliwan Fiesta.

First Runner Up was the Defending Champion, Lingganay Festival of Alang alang Leyte.

Finishing Second Runner Up was the Viajedores Festival from the town of La Paz.

Viajedores’ performance was superb. It was fast paced with no dull moments. Very colorful production. But if you look at their performance closely, you would know that their choreographer and head musician has Ilonggo roots. Their routine actually has a slight touch of Ilonggo flair.

Pintados Kasadyaan 071
Lingganay Festival

My biggest disappointment for this year’s festival is the Pasaka Festival of Tanauan Leyte. One of the most obvious reason is that they re-used their 2012 costume. Their routine was lackluster. There was no Wow Factor, no Oooohhh and Aaahhh moments. I was just staring blankly at their performance waiting for a big moment to happen, but it never did.

I was actually expecting a three way battle between Buyogan, Lingganay and Pasaka but sadly it never happened.

Pintados Kasadyaan 043
Viajedores Festival

Pasaka failed miserably. It only ranked sixth. Dead last.

Well anyway. It was still a good year of Pintados Kasadyaan. Not even Typhoon Gorio can stop us and the rest of Leyteños from celebrating the fiesta of Señor Santo Niño. Viva Señor Santo Niño! Viva Probinsya han Leyte!

Many thanks to Tiger Airways for flying us to tacloban and letting us experience the biggest festival of Eatern Visayas.

Pintados Kasadyaan 042
Viajedores Festival

Damo nga salamat also to our friends in Tacloban for hosting us during our stay there. Thank you to the Department of Tourism headed by Regional Director Maam Karen Tiopes, to Ludette and Gerry Ruiz of Calle z RestoBr and Leyte Gulf Travel and tours. Calle Z’s crispy tenga and bangus sisig is a must try in Tacloban! Thank you also to BarKo Bar and Restaurant for hostingour lunch during the Pintados Kasadyaan Highlight, and to The Oriental Hotel in Palo Leyte for hosting our dinner after the ritual competition.

Damo nga Salamat! Watch out for the second part of this series…

Pintados Kasadyaan 005

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