Four days of fun at Pintados Kasadyaan

Posted by on July 15, 2013

This is the second part. First part can be read here

June 29. I woke up to the roaring sound of the rains and the howling winds. And there was no sign of the rain from stopping anytime soon. The entire province of Leyte was still under storm signal number 2.

It was supposed to be the much awaited day in the entire Eastern Visayas Region. The day when three festivals will be showcased in what is called as the “Day of Festivals”

The Pintados Festival of Tacloban and the Leyte Ksadyaan Festival of Festivals were scheduled for a streetdancing competition in the morning and ritual presentation in the afternoon, while Tacloban’s Sangyaw Festival of lifhts were scheduled later that evening.


But Leyte is still under storm signal number 2.

Later we got confirmation that the street dancing will be cancelled, and thenritual presentation to push through.

Just before lunch, together with other fellow travel bloggers, Sinjin of, Mervz of, Edgar and Ramil of had lunch at BarKo Bar and Restaurant At the Leyte Park Hotel. We were also joined b other travel bloggers, Julius of LakwatserongTsinelas, as well as Claire Madarang and Jherson Jaya.

Pintados Kasadyaan 130

First to arrive in our table was the sinigang na isda, then bulalo, and crispy pata. Oh God, bulalo on a cold Saturday morning is perfect.

We also had buttered shrimps for lunch. But because I always have this hit and miss allergy with crustaceans, I opted not to eat shrimps, just to be on the safe side.

The food is good, in fairness. I like the crispy pata. So if you are in Tacloban City try to dine at BarKo and savor their delectable fares.

Pintados Kasadyaan 133

After lunch, we all proceeded to the Grandstand for the Pintados Kasadyaan Festival of Festivals Ritual presentation. Sadly, the Sangyaw Festival organizers have decided to move the Festival of Light parade the following day.

The Grandstand was full to the brim when we arrived. I already heard the Philippine National Anthem being played when we arrived at the gate. Perfect timing.

It was drizzling when we arrived, but who cares. We braved the light rains and decided to move to the photographers area to shoot.

Pintados Kasadyaan 033

For more details about the Pintados Kasadyaan competition click here

After the contest, we went back to the hotel to freshen up and get ready for our dinner to be hosted by The Oriental Hotel.

This is my second time to be in this hotel. last year, when I judged the Pintados Kasadyaan Festival of Festivals competition, we were billeted at this hotel.

Pintados Kasadyaan 075
Travel bloggers with DOT Eastern Visayas Regional Director, Karen Tiopes

Foods served really good. Watch out for my separate review of the foods.

But more than just the food, it was also a great time for us fellow travel bloggers to meet and have a good chit chat.

It was a great way to cap our adventure in Tacloban. Or so I thought.

Pintados Kasadyaan 120

Sunday morning, i woke up to the news that Surigao blogger Nathalie and Glenn Santillan from Davao were able to cross the waters between Surigao and Leyte. Actually Glenn was actually at the other room in our hotel. Wile Nathalie opted to take a rest from their early morning travel.

I was Glad to meet Glen again. Te last time we met was April when we were both in Vigan together with fellow travel blogger from Vigan, Edmar.

Pintados Kasadyaan 125

Unfortunately because of the typhoon, we never achieved our plan of having a complete attendance.

When Nathalie and Glen arrived, Shugah has already left Tacloban for Ormoc. :(

By lunch time all of us went to CalleZ for the fiesta lunch. Sinjin was also out of the picture as he already left for the airport with 1PM flight bound for Cebu.


Happy stories over good food and ice cold beer! Who wouldn’t love that?

But by 2:30PM Mervz, Ramil kEdgar and I also had to bid our goodbyes to every one. I still don’t want to leave, but we have to.

The four of us left that Sunday afternoon of June 30 without even withnessing the Sangyaw Festival of Lights. But at least theres Nathalie, Claire, Jherson and Glen to cover the festivities.

It was a very memorable trip for me. This is my second time to travel with a typhoon hitting our destination. First time was in December when I was in Dumaguete for a client trip, we were hit by Typhoon Pablo. Sinjin was also with me during that trip.

L-R me, Sinjin, Claire, Mervz, edgar, Ramil, Gen and Jherson

Many many thanks to TigerAir Philippines for flying me to Tacloban City to experience the biggest and the most colorful festival of Eastern Visayas. You can book your cheap plane tickets at

Many thanks also to BarKo for hosting our lunch during the Pintados Ksadyaan day. Special mention also goes to The Oriental Hotel for hosting lur Pintados Kasadyaan dinner. Also to Ludette and Gerry Ruiz of Calle Z resto Bar for the fiesta lunch. Marasa it mga pagkaon hin Leyte!

Damo nga Salamat!

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