PHILTOA Bicol Adventure Day 4: Mesmerizing Misibis Bay Resort!

It’s the last full day of our Bicolandia Adventure with the Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA).

We woke up a little bit early, had our usual breakfast then rode the coach. Nah, we won’t be doing another rolling tour. We’re off to another paradise. 

PHILTOA Bicol 177

This time, we’re bound for Misibis Bay Resort in Cagraray Island Bacacay Albay!!!

I am so excited. This is my first time to actually visit Misibis Bay Rsort, and it has been a long tome dream of mine to visit this lace. Yey! Fnally!

So I woke up early in the morning, had my coffee and cereals for breakfast. Then off we headed towards the Embarcadero de Legazpi to board a speed boat. Map here

Oh diba! Speed boat! Parang mayaman lang ang peg!

PHILTOA Bicol 99

Riding the speed boat guves us a diffent view of the Embarcadero, the nearby islands and even the EDC BacMan geothermal power plant. 

It was a quick ride. I no time we were already docking at the beach of Misibis Bay Resort and Casino.  And i just can’t contain my excitement. 

PHILTOA Bicol 168

Grabe, the propery is so big. And very beautiful. 

Upon arrival we then proceeded to the front desk for our welcome drinks and briefing.   After we checked in, we had our lunch at the resort restaurant.  The food is good and what I like in the restaurant is that they also offer local dishes like Bicol Express and other local delicacies. 

After lunch, we toured around the property. It’s so vast. I actuallygot disoriented. Got lost somewhere. I could no longer find my room!

PHILTOA Bicol 172

But what I really. Love about our room is that it has a glass wall with mattress and pillows veside it. So i can actually sleep while the whole world seee me snoring! :) 

And the pools are aplenty too! I actually lost on the numer of pools they have. Hahaha

PHILTOA Bicol 173

After the resort inspection, off we went to the bay area to go diving. But tamad tamaran sets in. So I decided to must go on snorkeling and do some fish feeding instead. Happy pa rin. 

After our activities we went back to the resort for thie press conference, and the launch of the 24th Philippine Travel Mart. Mr. Cesar Cruz, President of the Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA) answered questions from the media. 

PHILTOA Bicol 123

PHILTOA Bicol 145

Just before sunset we went to a parcel of land they call the Five Views. Map here  The place promises a spectacular view of the sunset agains the Mayon Volcano. Bt it was so gloomy. S we didnt get to enjoy the burst of colors we have earlier expected. Isead we just enjoyed the cocktails served to us. W had wines, mojito, margarita, and other drinks with yummy canapés on the side.  

Then it started to pour. So we hurriedly left the place and went back to the resort to freshen up and prepare for dinner.

PHILTOA Bicol 160

Pero teka…. Nalasing na yata ako!

Fom our hotel rooms, we took the coach and headed towards the amphitheater for what’s supposed to be an awesome dinner complete with dramatic lights and amazing production numbers. Map here

But everything was ruined by the rains.  Naging lasang ulan na ang Champagne na iniiinom ko! 

PHILTOA Bicol 126

We waited for around 10 minutes hoping that the rain would stop. But there was no sign that it’s gonna stop anytime soon. 

So resort management decided to move the dinner to the resort resto, and will just have the band perform at the function area. 

I love the make-your-own taco. Yummy! And the salad too! You would know that the greens are fresh with its crunch every bite. Sarap sarap! 

PHILTOA Bicol 134

S after dinner, the band started to play. And here comes the cocktails again… I was trying to avoid the alcohol because I don’t want to have hangover the next day. Pero kusa syang lumalapit eh! Parang magnet lang! 

And I am just too weak to say no to alcohol. Kaya sige. Inom lang ng inom!  

PHILTOA Bicol 133

Later, some media friends and I moved to the karaoke room for what seemed to be an unending biritfest. 

More alcohol, in between sing along.

But good things always come to an end, unfortunately. We finally called it a night (or day?!) at around 3AM. 

PHILTOA Bicol 154

In the morning I was supposed to try the zipline, and Segway. But lo and behold. I had a nasty hangover so I just stayed in the bed the whole morning. Hahaha

Getting drunk is always part of the adventure.  Ad that spells the difference between an ordinary trip and an extraordinary trip.  

PHILTOA Bicol 120

But all in all in was an awesome trip to the Misibis Bay Resort and Casino. I had so much fun swimming in the aquamarine waters of Misibis.  I love the facilities, the interior design, the rooms, the bath kit! Everything.  It’s indeed a world-class resort right in the heart of Bicolandia. 

Our trip to Misibis Bay was part of our PHILTOA Media Familiarization Tour for the launch of the 24th Philippine Travel Mart which is scheduled September 6-8, 2013 at the SMX ConventionCenter beside the Mall of Asia in Pasay City.

PHILTOA Bicol 176

The annual PTM offers the best and the cheapest inbound or local tour packages to popular destinations like Boracay, Cebu, Davao, Batanes, 

PHILTOA Bicol 122

PHILTOA Bicol 113

PHILTOA Bicol 117

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