Have you been to the Mom’s Shack Burgers in Bacolod City?

It all started out as an afternoon weekend snack for the family of HS school mate, Owen Bayog. But their burger is too good ot to be shared to others. Soon enough they grilled burgers for friends during special occasions. But after a few more convincing from friends, they finally decided to open the Mom’s Shack Burger House. And just as what they say… The rest is history. 

burger in Bacolod
 Photo by Owen Bayog

Flashback, Bacolod is one lucky city to enjoy locally made honest to goodness burgers. During my youngers years, we would normally go to the downtown area for our burger fix at Popeye’s.  Any Bcolod of my age,could still vividly recall this food joint before.

It was only in 1990 or 1991 when the big fastfood chains started to invade our sweet city. 

Then in 2000′s there was a ressurgence of the locally made pure beef burgers in Bacolod. And the latest to join the burger caze was Mom’s Shack. 

At first look you would never knew that it is a burger house. It simply looks like a local coffee house (kapehan), sari sari store, or carinderia. 

But i know, you have heard pf the cliché that Looks can be deceiving. Deceiving it is, yes.  Because right under that shack, the best burgers of Baclod is made. 


Nt all burgers are made equal. They may all be made with 100% pure beef patty but its the seasoning and how the patties are being prepared that makes the difference. 

During my visit to the Mom’s Shack a few weeks back with Audrey, we got to sample their bestseller Chivalry Burger. Priced at PHP250, Chivalry Burger is made with 2 1/3lb (not quarter pond!) 100% pure beef patty seasoned to perfection using salt and crushed peppercorns.  

You think its heavy already? Think again. Smewhere in the middle are fresh cut lettuce, tomatoes, onions and… Lo and behold, the God of Pork, BACON! 

And their homemade barbecue sauce gives their burger an extra Ooomph power. I swear this is one of the best burgers that I have ever tried. True-blue honest-to-goodness of pure beef patty made at home.  

antique heritage tour 231

Aside from Chivalry, they also have other burger varieties, but with one common denomenator: all burgers are made with pure beef, with no extenders, and seasoned to perfection!

Many many thanks to my La Cnsolacion College HS schoolmate Owen Bayog for letting experience a  real good burger, every Bacoleño should experience!  Madamo guid nga Salamat.  Mom’s Shack is located along Lacson Street, near Tamera Plaza Inn. Ts store is right in front of Bacolod Cakehouse. Adjacent to Bacolod Tay Tung High School.

And yes, this is my new motivation to go back home. Can’t wait for the Masskara Festival for this! 

antique heritage tour 230

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