Kruhaaay Antique Heritage Tour Day 3

It’s the last day of our tour in Antique and I am pretty much excited to try new stuff while here! We we up a little early again, for our coffee, and breakfast of corned beef and sunny side up.  It is our last day in Antique and we made sure to save the best for last!

After breakfast, we went to the Tribal Adventures facility to try the whitewater kayak experience. I have tried the whitewater radfting in Davao before So more or less I have an idea of what to expect. 

And before we go out in the river, we had our safety briefing first. Tribal Adventures has been operating the whitewater kayak in Tibiao for quite some time now, but it is only recently that it came into spotlight when Katahum Tours started to market this activity as part of their tour product. 

Photo by The Pinay Solo Backpacker

I am not scared. Not even a hint. I am actually excited. I know I’m going to face the rapids and I just can’t wait to fee the adrenaline rush!

From the hut where we had our safety orientation, we then rode the van and proceeded the jump off point to get acquainted with our kayak and paddle.  We did test paddling on a very calm part of the river. Hmmmm

Ok, I can do this this.  Let’s go!

After testing the kayak and paddle, we hiked alittle bit more. Around 500 meters away from where we tested the kayaks, and there we will begin our adventure of a lifetime. 

antique 03
Photo by The Pinay Solo Backpapcker

One by one, we set off to the river. Then my turn to paddle to the river came. Yey! The current of the river is so strong. The kayak is moving forward really fast even if I was not paddling.  Actually the purpose of paddling in whitewaker kayak is to avoid the boulders, not really to move forward.

Then came the first of the major rapids.  Boom! I lost balance, and the kayak capsized. I tried to stand up but the current is so strong I ended up floating being carried by the water.  Masakit ang mga bato sa paa ha! 

Photo by the Pinay Solo Backpacker

And there were  three even more challenging rapids that followed. I survived all of the succeeding rapids except the last one, where I also fell off the kayak.  But ofcourse it part of the fun. And the adrenaline rush! Wooooh!  

What we actually did was the short leg.  Te actual route is much longer, and even more challenging. 

After soaking ourselves in the cold waters of Tibiao River, it’s time for us now to relax at the Kawa Hot Bath. 

Tribal Adventures were actually the first to offer the Kawa Hot Bath which is now gaining popularly as a must-do activity in Tibiao, Antique.  Today, there are also other resorts offering this kind of activity, and I also heard that there are also kawa Hot Bth in other places, out of of Antique too! 

It simply shows how popular the Kawa Hot Bath is! 

antique heritage tour 120
Our view while having lunch

And yeah, it is indeed very relaxing to soak in warm water with some herbs and flowers on it after the kayak activity. 

I was just inside the large kawa for almost an hour sitting and enjoying every moments of it. 

After the kawa hot bath, we checked out of the Zipline Inn and headed to Vbotz Lutong Bahay for our Lunch before heading back to Iloilo City. 

It was a feast of Home cooked meals, Kinaray-a style!  We had Carne Frita, nilagang Baka, Nlagang Pata, kinilaw na labanos and a whole lot more!  I made sure I have heavy lunch as we’re embarking on 3hr van ride back to Iloilo Cty.

antique heritage tour 131

And that concludes lur awesome three day getaway in the Province of Antique. It was my first time to visit the province but I have to make sure that it’s got to make a lasting impression on me.  

I totally enjoyed every moment of our three day stay in Antique. And this is not the last time that I am going to set foot here.  I know there are still a lot more to explore in Antique. And hopefully someday soon I will return here to explore the other towns as well as the white sand beaches of the province. 

antique heritage tour 128

Antique is so beautiful, so blessed with so many atrractions. It only needs a little bit of push for tourism set off here.   And just as what they say in Kinaray-a….

KRUHAAAAAY! Katahum Kang Antique! 

Mny thanks to Katahum Tours headed by Flord Ncson Calawag for inviting us to this inaugural Antique Heritage Tour, to the Province of Antique, and to the Department of Tourism VI headed by Atty. Helen Catalbas. Duro gid nga salamat kaninyo tanan!

Many thanks also to TigerAir PH for flying me to Iloilo for this event. the fastest, and the most convenient way to visit Antique is to fly via Iloilo. TigerAir PH flies daily from Manila to Iloilo City. 

For the cheapest airfares, log on to 

antique heritage tour 130

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