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The Camotes Island Experience

A few weeks ago, me and Mel met up in Ayala to talk about a possible website project that he wanted to do with me. During the meeting, summer plans came up. He mentioned that he wanted to check out Camotes Island in Cebu Philippines because his friends have been raving about it. I have never been there myself so I said that I would totally go if he knows how to get there and if we could afford it.

The next day, I told Gian and Harry about our plans and luckily they both liked the idea. (See, we needed more people to cut travel and accommodation costs) And so, it was set. We leave for Camotes on February 27, Saturday, and head back to the city on February 28, Sunday. Flawless plan.

camotes island
Cebu’s little piece of heaven – Camotes

Perstaym sa Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

astig to kasi hindi ako pumunta as spectator lang kundi SPONSOR!

nung ininform sakin to ng boss ko na mag-tie up ulit kame sa event e tumaas ang adrenalin ko, kaya tumawag agad ako sa office ng organizer para marenew nga ung dati naming tie up sa event. hindi naman daw problema kaya go go go na rin ang sponsorship. kaya nung nagbigay ng package e gumawa agad ako ng counter proposal. tapos approved naman agad. *palakpakan*

hot air balloon clark

ang inisponsoran kong SKYDIVING event sa PIHABF
salamat Iris para sa photo

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