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SE7EN: A Year end Blog Post

A few hours to go and we will bid goodbye to 2012. The year has been very exciting for me. Got so many blessings and more opportunities to travel and explore the beauty of the Philippines. I had ups and downs. But what is important is that we got to stand up once again.

Today we look back at some of the most memorable trips I have done in 2012. I actually started this series in Facebook, but will now compile everything here. So here it is…

SE7EN: A Series of Images that has Defined our year 2012. In no particular order:

1. Batad Banaue Ifugao

Batad  0010

Touring Cotabato City’s City Halls

Visiting Cotabato City would never be complete without setting foot at the two city halls of Cotabato City. The City is known to have one f the most elaborately designed government buildings in the Philippines.

cotabato 0013

Have you been to the Cotabato Grand Mosque?

Last month, I found myself traveling to Cotabato City. I took a 5-hour Husky Bus ride from General Santos City. And visitng the Grand Mosque of Cotabato has been on top of my list.

cotabato 0015

I arrived in Cotabato City a little past lunch time, a little bit hungry. So I looked for a place to stay immediately after I arrived. I stayed for a night at the Filipino Hotel.

Inaul Weaving in Cotabato City

If there’s one product that you should buy as souvenir while in cotabato City, it must be the Inaul fabric or more popularly known as Malong.

wow mindanao 0372

They say that weaving is a dying art. With all the progress and development happening, younger members of many ethnic groups are no longer interested in sitting the whole day weaving cloth. Many kids today would prefer to watch TV, or get their hands busy with their cellphones.

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