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My failed Butuan escapade

I have to admit, CARAGA is one region in the Philippines that I have yet to fully explore. The last time I was in this part of the Philippines was in 2009 during the DBP RORO Race. It was a week-long adventure race around the country where the main mode of transport was the Roll on Roll off vessel or RORO. I got a glimpse of Siargao and Surigao. But that was it.

Then countless times, I attempted to come back to Surigao to cover the Bonok Bonok Marajaw Karajaw Festival, but I always had to cancel at the last minute due to some reasons.

Surigao City Bonok Bonok Marajaw Karajaw 2008

Surigao City’s Bonok Bonok Marajaw Karajaw Festival is set to unfold this year minus its defending champion, the Inuwak Festival from the town of Bacuag.

The Bonok Bonok Marajaw Karajaw is a festival is a Mamanwa ritual of thanksigiving. The fiesta also coincides with the city’s patron saint San Nicolas de Tolentino, thus the festival date always falls on September 10.

surigao city bonok bonok marajaw karajaw festival
Bonok bonok contingent during the Sinulog 2007

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