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My last day in Zamboanga City (part 3)

May 23rd, I flew from Bongao Tawi Tawi back to Zamboanga. The Tawi Tawi trip was one of the awesomest trip I recently had. Very memorable! This is the third installment of my Zamboanga Experience. You can read the first part and second part here.

The flight was scheduled in the morning. And just like my Zamboanga – Tawi tawi trip, am I so amazed at all the islands in the Sulu area. White sand beaches abound!

I always love the design of the Zamboanga International Airport. THe Malay/Islamic influence is very evident in its roof design.

Zamboanga 016

The Zamboanga City Adventure Part 2

And the Adventure in Zamboanga City continues. If you have not read the first part, I would recommend that you read the first part of this series first. I realized that my camera is nowhere to be found. I am very sure that I placed it on the right pockets of my shorts.

zambo city hall

I checked all my things, my shoulder bag, my backpack, even under the bed, under the sheets, each and every corner of my room. But it wasn’t there. I was not panicking. I am trying not to panic.

Zamboanga, I’m Back. But…

It took me almost six years to return to the southern city of Zamboanga. So I was soooo excited when I finally booked a ticket bound for Zamboanga City.

Although my last visit to the Asia’s Latin City was way back in 2006, What I did during those times, where I ate, the places I visite are still clear in my mind.

And I just cant wait to go back and re trace the things that I did before, and probably do more this time.

Hola Zamboanga! I am Back!

Back in Zamboanga City, Finally!

This trip is long overdue. after so many cancellations, I am finally back in Zamboanga City! The last time I visited the Asias Latin City was in 2006. Ang tagal na!

Honestly I do not know what to expect. In a span of six year, I’m sure a lot of improvements and development has gone through this place.

Ready na! Photo Op before going to the airport

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