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Kruhaaay Antique Heritage Tour Day 3

It’s the last day of our tour in Antique and I am pretty much excited to try new stuff while here! We we up a little early again, for our coffee, and breakfast of corned beef and sunny side up.  It is our last day in Antique and we made sure to save the best for last!

After breakfast, we went to the Tribal Adventures facility to try the whitewater kayak experience. I have tried the whitewater radfting in Davao before So more or less I have an idea of what to expect. 

And before we go out in the river, we had our safety briefing first. Tribal Adventures has been operating the whitewater kayak in Tibiao for quite some time now, but it is only recently that it came into spotlight when Katahum Tours started to market this activity as part of their tour product. 

Photo by The Pinay Solo Backpacker

Kruhaaay Antique Heritage Tour Day 1

Fact: I grew up in Bacolod City in the Province of Negros Occidental, and oveer the years, I was able to explore the other Provinces of Western Visayas, namely: Iloilo, Guimaras, Aklan Capix, except for one: Antique. 

I did made several attempts to cross the border between San Jaquin Iloilo going to Anini-y Antique but nothing came it. All plans failed. 

antique heritage tour 175

Until finally, last month, I received a message if I wanted to join the Antique Heritage Tour. Hmmmm, Interesting! 

PHILTOA Bicol Adventure Day 2: Matnog and Bulusan Escapade

It’s the second day of our Media Familiarization Tour sponsored by the Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA). 

We woke up a little bit early and traveled from Sorsogon City to the town of Matnog, Sorsogon. 

Long before, I know knew Matnog as a port town. This is where the bus from mainland Luzon bound for Visayas gets loaded to RORO vessels and travel to Allen Samar. Matnog 

PHILTOA Bicol 29

But it was only recently that I discovered that Matnog also has its own charms. Little did I know that it has also its own fair share of paradise. A paradise just waiting to be discovered. 

PHILTOA Bicol Day 1: EDC BacMan Geothermal Plant

I have to admit. This is one trip that I have I have always been looking forward to.  Then last July 9th, I finally received the email invitation.  Another trip to Bicol!

But this time the client’s Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA). For three straight years bow, I have been joining their annual Media Familiarization Tour which is also held as a launch for the upcoming Philippine Tavel Mart.

PHILTOA Bicol 02

We left Manila at around 8AM, and in no time our plane was already taxiing at the Legazpi Airport. We were greeted with loud drumbeats with some local performers dancing just outside the terminal building.

From the airport immediately rode our assigned coach that would bring us to our first destination, the EDC BacMan Geothermal Plant. Map here

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