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Cleaner Toilets for Better Philippine Tourism

One of the thinfs that we may have overlooked in the travel and tourism industry is the provision of a clean toilets in our tourist destinations. Agree or disagree?

As a travel blogger, I have been to various destinations around the country and it is my observation that clean toilets is oftentimes a rarity in many tourist destinations.

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In moments like this…

It is just normal for us humans to experience feeling low from time to time.  If internet has its own downtime, how much more we humans, right?

How do you cope up in times like this? 

Lately I have been feeling so low and so slow. Canceling flights and hotel reservations left and right.  Probably i just reached a point in my life where I no longer have the motivation to go on and continue. I’m feeling tired. 

After all, I have been blogging since 2004. 

Last week, after our Bigg’s Diner Bicol trip, I was supposed to fly to Kalibo then speed off to Boracay for a 3d2n escapade. Three days before the trip I felt uninterested. I am having doubts. Then a day before we flew back to Manila, I finally decided to cancel to trip.  

I just wanted to go back home. Lock myself in my room and sleep. 

MassKara Festival: Celebrating 33 years of Sweet Smiles

It has always been a tradition for me to go back to Bacolod every Month of October to celebrate the city’s MassKara Festival.

brgy 16 MassKara Festivall 2012

And for the last thirty three years, Bacolod, known for its moniker as the City of Smiles never fails to spread good vibes and sweet smiles to every tourists in Bacolod City.

I’m Back

ah yeah. I’m back. I just arrived in Bacolod City from Cadiz City. I’m here just to let you know I’m still alive. :) My apologies for not writing anyting this past week. I have been out of town, very busy, with almost no internet connection.

Tomorrow night I will be taking a bus ride from Bacolod to Cebu to cover the annual celebration of the Sinulog Festival. I will be tehre from Festival Queen until the Awarding rites.

So expect a deluge of blog post once I’m back in the civilization. I am very excited to see the performance of Carcar and Abellana National School as well as the Karatong Festival of Dulag Leyte and the 2 entries of Placer Masbate!

To everyone, Viva Pit Senyor!

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