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Kruhaaay Antique Heritage Tour Day 1

Fact: I grew up in Bacolod City in the Province of Negros Occidental, and oveer the years, I was able to explore the other Provinces of Western Visayas, namely: Iloilo, Guimaras, Aklan Capix, except for one: Antique. 

I did made several attempts to cross the border between San Jaquin Iloilo going to Anini-y Antique but nothing came it. All plans failed. 

antique heritage tour 175

Until finally, last month, I received a message if I wanted to join the Antique Heritage Tour. Hmmmm, Interesting! 

Visiting the Aliwagwag Falls in Cateel Davao Oriental

Aliwagwag Falls was the second destination that I have been eyeing in Davao Oriental. Actually the falls was never part of my original itinerary. It was fellow travel blogger Olan Embuscado who really prodded me to consider Cateel. Olan is actually from Cateel, but is now based in Davao City.

davao oriental  0136

So finally, I said yes. I included the waterfalls of Cateel in my itinerary, and have to scratch off two towns.

Captivating Cape San Agustin in Sigaboy Davao Oriental

Davao Oriental was never a part of my travel plan for 2012. Well actually I never made any travel plan at all. I’m sick and tired of making plans then not doing it at all. It just makes me frustrated and disappointed.

davao oriental  0120

It’s the fault of Olan Embuscado, he was the one who really pushed me to discover the town of Governor Generoso, formerly known as the town of Sigaboy. But I really don’t blame him at all. I fact I am very happy that through him I was able to explore the other side of Mindanao.

Last Stop: Kiangan, Ifugao

Kiangan Ifugao was the last stop during our 4-day Ifugao Heritage Warrior Caravan Trip. This VolunTourism trip was organized by the Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA) as they launched the 23rd Phil Travel Mart to be held next week in SMX Convention Center.

kiangan ifugao 006

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